Google is reportedly testing Google Hire, it’s own job tool similar as LinkedIn

Google is reportedly testing Google Hire, it’s own job tool similar as LinkedIn
The Siliconreview
19 April, 2017

After impressing its users with revolutionizing Internet search services, the tech giant Google is now heading towards providing a helping hand to its users to find jobs. Google recently created a buzz by testing a plan called Google Hire which is said to be Google's try on a job application website similar as of LinkedIn.

The new project, which aims to get Google into the job board business, is currently undergoing testing with a limited group of users. When we went to Google Hire's website and tried to sign in, it showed an error message saying that our Gmail id is not associated with an account. As of now, a very little information on the same can be obtained, but if the reports are to be believed the proposed service will let fascinated employers to post job listings and then subsequently supervise applications.

Well, it is also expected that Google Hire could be straight result of the acquisition of Bepop. Bepop is a startup attentive on enterprise and productivity tools by Google in 2015. In fact, Bepop's founder Diane Greene is at present in charge of the burgeoning job application website. In 2015, he was also selected by Google to lead the company's cloud efforts.

The exciting fact relating to this is that at present the job openings for Google Hire are at listed on the Bepop website. CEO Sunder Pachai, back in 2015, had said that Bepop's attainment will in a way help the tech giant in providing integrated cloud products at every level like Android, applications like Gmail and Docs and developer frameworks for mobile and enterprise users.

Well it is ascertained that ‘Google Hire’ could be a serious threat to Microsoft's professional networking platform Linkedin and other websites such as Greenhouse and Jobvite