Juniper Networks Rolls Out Contrail Edge Cloud

Juniper Networks Rolls Out Contrail Edge Cloud
The Siliconreview
19 September, 2018

Juniper Networks announces the launch of Contrail Edge Cloud, a low-cost cloud solution exclusively for service providers. Space-and-power-constrained edge network (base stations, hub sites, and switching sites) will be benefited by the new product as it will provide a full-fledged secure cloud experience. 

With the new cloud solution, service providers will be able to enjoy a feature like automation, security, and analytics while setting active consumer and enterprise services in a cost and resource efficient way.  Without giving up on the affluent functionality of a multitenant secure cloud, Contrail edge provides a low-latency, simple, automated delivery. It will help service providers to develop, manage and monetize new services in preparation for 5G.

The planning, design, and building of Juniper network are carried out in Junos, an open source operating the software. The difficulties faced by the complex data centers across all the routing, switching and security areas are taken care of by a common platform which is made for all those areas.

For additional customizations, Juniper’s partners and customers can use a software development kit which is provided by the company. For Juniper, these factors are considered to be differentiators, as a competitive advantage.

Looking forward, the company is ready to take advantage of the rise in demand for Data center virtualization, cloud computing and mobile traffic packet/optical convergence.

There are several new products that the company is offering. The products are T4000 core router, QFX data center platform, ACX and PTX packet/optical solution.