Sony creates a New Chip, ranging 60 Mile

Sony creates a New Chip, ranging 60 Mile
The Siliconreview
30 May, 2019

Sony has developed a new chip- CXM1501GR for IoT devices. The company hasn’t unveiled much information about the new development to the public. The new innovation could change how e-bikes, cars, street lamps and all kinds of other connected devices can relay information. The chip will be launched in the fall this year.

The chip is outfitted in the 920MHz band to Sony's ELTRES network and is equipped with GPS and sensors such as GNSS to obtain time and place information.

Once installed, the chip will enable IoT devices to send data to Sony’s proprietary low-power wide area (LPWA) ELTRES network.  The chip has the capability to work on high-speed objects in noisy urban environments and can transmit upto nearly 60 miles.

Internet is being used by the majority of the IoT systems to transfer data to the cloud. But organizations rely on the Wi-Fi with restricted range or costly internet connectivity for the data transfer. Sony's ELTRES LPWA network makes the process feasible to connect a wide range of devices. With decrease energy consumption, it makes it possible to attach a huge range of gadgets.

It is learned that the new tech could be useful for activities such as tracking wildlife, monitor bike rentals and yacht race, geolocate ships, and track trains, drones, trains, etc. The piece of information has been taken from a use case for the new development.

Currently, the new tech is only available to Japan, where Sony rolled out an application program for interested companies recently.