Extensive research about diet in “blue zones” comes up with new results

Extensive research about diet in “blue zones” comes up with new results
The Siliconreview
30 Decemebr, 2019

A new research that has been conducted by the diet in “blue zones” and their relation to the longevity of the life-spans of people living there has come up with new results. These blue zones are places where the people are economically poor but have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources which causes them to look out for new and sustainable methods to use the products that they have on hand. The diets they have been consuming are largely plant-based with meat being included in their diet less than five times per month.

People in blue zones have been eating the "right" foods because the right foods -- beans, grains and garden vegetables -- were cheapest and most accessible. Their kitchens were set up to cook them quickly and they had time-honored recipes to make simple peasant food taste delicious. Finally, their communities gathered around this food: They sat down at the table with people who ate the same way,” reported the findings of the study.

Their healthy eating habits are more of a lifestyle than a diet fad that they follow when leads to the derivation of optimum results. The result also stated that consuming around three hundred calories lesser than usual will have many health benefits including the reduction of blood pressure and a better rate of metabolism.