Mozilla comes up with Firefox Send, an encrypted file-sharing platform for free

siliconreview Mozilla comes up with Firefox Send, an encrypted file-sharing platform for free

Mozilla launches its encrypted file-transfer service called Firefox Send which will be available for free. It allows users to share files up to a size of 2.5 GB and the company takes care of the file privacy by providing end-to-end encryption. When Mozilla was testing the web-based file-sharing platform, the size was limited to 1 GB. The senders can use the Firefox Send website to upload the file and set the duration of expiration. The files can be protected with a password before sending. However, recipients need not have a Firefox account to access the files.

It becomes a troublesome task to send larger files via email. Also, cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive becometime-consuming when all one needs to do is share a single file one time.  Hence, this system is a promising alternative.

People have always been scared of sharing private files like the ones that include financial data. Well, the company suggests that the new platform could be used to share such files on the web. However, security professionalsstill warn of the risk involved in sharing highly sensitive files through an online service.

Mozilla is one of the most trusted organizations when it comes to such things. The company stands firm on its mission to “handle data privately and securely.” Privacy is a fundamental right, and the company genuinely believes in it.

Firefox was once the most used web browser but its popularitydecreased with time when companies like Chrome and Internet Explorer took over. The new file sharing service will hopefully help the company gain attention from the public.

Firefox Send will soon be available as an Android app (Beta version).