Opera Rolls out new Web Browser for Gaming

Opera Rolls out new Web Browser for Gaming
The Siliconreview
13 June, 2019

Opera has rolled out a new web browser- Opera GX exclusively for gaming with twitch integration. Tech Crunch reports suggest that the new development is more about providing customized browser to PC gamers; allowing them to run games with minimum requirements.

The new browser’s key feature is the GX control panel. It will help the users to know about the amount of space allotted for the CPU and RAM to the browser.  The concept will likely allow gamers to stream contents from online video platform, Twitch, without compromising on their PC speed.

People familiar with the matter said, running a game might be harder rather than running PCs; even more when gamers stream while they play. The new browser will let gamers to play games faster without compromising on the web activities.

The twitch integration lets the users log in to the servers directly from the browser sidebar. Notifications will also be provided to the streamers when they go live. There are other few other touches in the new web browser; ranging from sound to animation inspired by gaming consoles and other customizable design features.

The new launch is good news for PC gamers across the globe. If anybody wants a glimpse of the new browser, then they can step into the E3 event in Los Angeles this week.

The new gaming web browser will definitely allow many gamers to play games of their choice; even if the game’s requirements are high.