Solar Foods produces Solein out of atmospheric resources

Solar Foods produces Solein out of atmospheric resources
The Siliconreview
21 January, 2020

Solar foods, a company based in Finland, recently discovered a method to make protein powder out of air, water and electricity. This environmentally friendly food source was discovered by the company’s scientists during a quest to produce food in a way that is sustainable whilst causing the least harm to the environment. The company has put up a disclaimer that the protein powder, which has been named Solein, does have leave a tiny carbon footprint.

"In order to save the planet from climate change, we need to disconnect food production from agriculture.You end up with a powder that is about 65 percent protein and carbs and fats. That powder could be added to things like bread and pasta, or to plant-based meat or dairy substitutes. One day, it could even be used as a food source for lab-grown meat. A production cost of $5-$6 per kilogram of 100 percent protein," says PasiVainikka, CEO of Solar Foods.

One of the concerns that the company is facing during the production of this product is the building of huge bioreactors which might cause carbon emission concerns. The company aims to have Solein in the stores by 2021 after it undergoes thorough testing to check its suitability for human use.