VMware wants to “do more with less” for the telecom companies in India

VMware wants to “do more with less” for the telecom companies in India
The Siliconreview
06 January, 2020

Pradeep Nair, managing director of VMware India stated that the telecom sector in India is going through a rough patch right now but their company is looking forward to doing more with less. A few of the most compelling places where cloud technology is used in India are in banks and telecom companies. They stated to the cloud companies that they are being accountable to the spend so there is a need for scrutinizing the way of spending. They are also compelling the companies to innovate better so that they can do more with less. The environment of telecom is quite constrained in India but the market has grown exponentially and for this reason, they don’t want to be left behind. The telecom companies are simply not spending the money on the problem instead they are asking for innovation. VMware is considering government clients as a big opportunity and the company is working with both state and central government on various projects.

In 2018 there was a statement from VMware and it was said that the company is willing to invest $2 billion dollars in India and the majority of the investment will be used to create the facility, increase the workforce, expand into the market, and improve headcount. The company has made lots of acquisitions in India and most of them have development capabilities for the country.