Blockchain is all set to revolutionize the food supply chain management

Blockchain is all set to revolutionize the food supply chain management
The Siliconreview
25 Febuary, 2020

In recent times when the food choices are made, people are taking environmental and ethical considerations into account very seriously. The new demand is forcing the FMCG industry to reveal where and how the food comes from, conditions where the food was created and the process involved before it reaches our plate. Along with this they also want to know about the country of origin when the product is imported. The food manufacturing industry must now work continuously to meet the growing need to achieve complete transparency in the food sourcing process.

 Instance like the when the romaine lettuce caused anE.coli outbreak in 2018 is still fresh in minds of the public. There is a need to build a system that will show the food supply chain because people feel that it is important. Food supply chains that span across continents and involve a lot of processes are difficult to maintain and it is a challenge for providers. Usually the data of supply chain is stored in many systems and this prevents the providers from gaining a transparent overview of the transaction. To meet the challenges, blockchain is offering a solution. The trail of permanent and immutable transactions can be held in a blockchain system and it can be used to achieve transparency. The blockchain system now allows users to share data without revealing sensitive information.