Anger at Microsoft Rises with Serious New Failure

Anger at Microsoft Rises with Serious New Failure
The Siliconreview
10 Febuary, 2020

Windows 10 might be a necessity right now but new and old users have had a rough ride with Microsoft in the recent weeks. And it has gotten worse with a new high profile Windows 10 failure has left more questions than answers and some very angry users.

The catastrophe began yesterday as Windows users suddenly discovered yesterday that Search was a broken black bar showing where search results should be even for those who tried performing local searches. Microsoft was quick to blame ‘a temporary server side issue’. But the explanation instead opened Pandora’s Box of problems. The fix doesn’t work for everyone. And more concerning is that Microsoft’s explanation doesn’t make sense and has prompted several questions to be asked about how the operating system works and what personal data it is sharing. 

Microsoft genius Panos Panay led the charge saying “If you believe that yesterday’s worldwide crash of Windows 10 Search was caused by a bad third-party fiber provider, I have a bridge to sell you.”

In an open letter to the new Windows head Panos Panay, Susan Bradley was equally skeptical noting that “today we all found out that our local search boxes are somehow dependent on some service working at Microsoft.” She openly criticized the company for its lack of transparency and gave it  a minimum for lack of trust.