Renault reveals its brand new all-electric shape-shifting concept car

Renault reveals its brand new all-electric shape-shifting concept car
The Siliconreview
07 March, 2020

Renault has unveiled its most awaited concept car the Morphoz, which is a shape-shifting electric that acts as both a city car and a long-range cruiser. The car changes the shape in two different modes- the city mode and for longer journeys, the travel mode. The concept of the car is based on the adaptable CMF-EV skateboard chassis which helps in pushing the wheels of the cars to corners and it is designed in such a way that it adopts the changing motor and battery set-ups so that there is more interior space.

The concept cars in the City mode have a 40kWh battery that offers around 400km of the range that is enough for 90 percent of daily usage. For longer journeys, the Morphoz can be switched to travel mode. The most fascinating feature of the Morphoz is that it uses a similar technology of a plane wing stretches the A-pillar and the rear. The car can increase its length in different ranges, that is from 4,400mm to 4,800mm with a wheelbase that ranges from 2,730mm to 2,930mm, thereby furnishing more passenger and luggage capacity

The interiors have a traditional control instrument that can be hidden away using a folding panel and the controls are on an L-shaped screen. The Morphoz is a semi-automated car that comes with level-three autonomy. The car has the signature slim lights of Renault. The front wing takes the inspiration from the side grilles as seen in 1910s Renaults is seen in the Travel mode. The Morphoz concept is a truly living experience that serves a new travel experience for all vehicle users.