Amazon Web Services to launch a space accelerator program for startups

Amazon Web Services to launch a space accelerator program for startups
The Siliconreview
31 March, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is all set to launch a space accelerator program for startups. AWS is teaming up with the UK-based investment firm Seraphim Capital and will be selecting 10 startups for the four-week mentoring program, which is scheduled to start from in June. The program will be designed and modeled after Seraphim's "space camp" accelerator. It is another step in AWS's expansion into the space sector.

AWS in 2019 first introduced the AWS Ground Station, a cloud-based system for controlling, monitoring satellites, downloading, and analyzing data. The company stood up the AWS Aerospace and Satellite business to work with government agencies and the space industry. The firm has figured out new ways to use the cloud. Startups have become a huge part of the AWS space business, focusing on developing customer-based startups.

AWS and Seraphim will select a cohort of space startups; it will help startups accelerate research, development, and growth. Startups at all stages of maturity working with space technology are eligible to apply to this course. Selection criteria include innovation and the project's unique nature, the overall value it brings to the space sector, and creative intent to solve the problem. The selected 10 startups will receive monitoring and $100,000 in AWS technical services offered under AWS Activate Program.