Workplace Health And Safety: Smart Ways To Prevent Accidents And Injuries

Workplace Health And Safety: Smart Ways To Prevent Accidents And Injuries
The Siliconreview
11 May, 2022

Preventable deaths in the workplace decreased by 20% in 2020, totalling 4,113, NSC Injury Facts reports. There were also four million injuries requiring medical attention. In addition to being physically and emotionally damaging, workplace accidents often have severe financial implications — costing employers $120,000 per injury on average. By improving safety in your workplace, you can better keep your employees satisfied, productive, and engaged.

Conduct a company-wide safety assessment

By conducting a company-wide safety assessment, you can identify all health and safety weaknesses across your business, as well as pinpoint cost-effective solutions. In particular, your assessment should include staff interviews, walkthroughs of your premises, a safety policy review, and reviews of workplace equipment and procedures. Moreover, if you feel you lack the time or expertise to conduct your own assessment, an experienced health and safety consultant can do the job for you. Similarly, you may also want to work with a reputable lawyer who understands how the law applies to your business and any regulatory requirements you need to meet, Johnson Garcia explains. An experienced lawyer can also help you navigate any legal issues you may be dealing with.

Display clear and necessary safety information

Safety training is a key step in ensuring employees can smoothly handle workplace challenges. That said, instructions and guidelines should be made easy to understand, visible, and readily available; leaving employees to memorize complex methods and procedures can easily lead to potentially fatal mistakes. Ideally, use simple, engaging, color-coded signage to display key information that directly impacts worker safety in their immediate surroundings.

Implement a reward system

A reward system is an effective way to highlight existing safety protocols and encourage safe behavior in your employees, therefore reducing accidents and injuries in the workplace. For example, if your employees meet safety initiative goals, reward them with extra break time; this can even further improve safety by ensuring employees are well-rested before returning to work. Alternatively, gift card prizes are another great incentive. Choose cards for online stores or restaurants already popular with your employees. Running monthly or quarterly initiatives can also be a good timeline for rewarding employees and help keep them engaged and interested in safety protocols.

Workplace health and safety should be a priority for all businesses. By conducting a company-wide assessment, displaying key safety information, and implementing a reward system, you can keep your employees as safe, productive, and happy as possible.