A simple note-taking App for i...


A simple note-taking App for iOS called Qept is all about texting yourself

Qept all saved notes.
The Silicon Review
04 September, 2023

Qept also provides the option to receive a daily summary of all saved notes.

Qept, a new iOS note-taking app, has been developed with a unique concept. It allows users to quickly and easily text themselves notes. Qept is designed to make it simple and fast to capture any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. The app is free and available for download on the App Store. Qept's interface is clean and straightforward, with a single text field where users can enter their notes. Simply typing in the text field and pressing "enter" automatically saves the note to the app and sends it as a text message to the user's phone number. The app allows text message reminders to be sent on a regular basis to remind the user of the notes they have saved. Qept also provides the option to receive a daily summary of all saved notes. This can be useful for keeping track of ideas and tasks.

One of the primary advantages of Qept is that it is primarily focused on text-based input. This means that users can quickly and easily jot down notes without getting bogged down in formatting, rich text, or media insertion. It also means the app is very easy to use, even for Qept is a compelling app that offers a unique take on note-taking. It is well-suited for individuals and professionals who want a simple and quick way to take notes and stay organized. With its focus on text messaging and ease of use, it stands out as a great option in the crowded note-taking app market.