20 Best Small Companies to Watch 2021

20 Best Small Companies to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Tandem Solutions
Joe McCafferty
Jan McCafferty
Tandem Solutions provides change management consulting, leadership training, and executive coaching. Its experienced team and pragmatic approach to implementation allow the company to make an impact by delivering solutions for its clients that produce measurable results in short order.
Cool Life CRM
Mark Lingerman
Cool Life CRM Platform enables a 360° marketing solution coupled with a full Relationship Life Cycle process, providing valuable insights for business leaders in real-time
Nima Hakimi
CEO & Co-Founder
Convoso is the leading cloud-based call center software for sales and lead generation teams. The company dramatically increases contact and lead conversion rates while supporting TCPA compliance.
Brandon Talaich
Principal Consultant & Founding Partner
Motava specializes in website creation and digital marketing. Since its establishment, its core team has been virtually unchanged, forming a cohesive group with years of experience in website creation and digital marketing.

Robert Stevenson, CEO

INTELITY is the provider of the most comprehensive guest engagement and staff management platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets.

Splice Machine
Monte Zweben
CEO & Co-founder
The Splice Machine platform powers mission-critical applications that are woven into the operational fabric of companies in the financial services, healthcare, industrial and consumer verticals to improve operational efficiency, eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver superior service.
Giant Machines
Roy Yang
CEO & Partner
Giant Machines is a digital product development agency based in the heart of New York City's Financial District. The company designs, builds, innovates, integrates, and launches websites, web apps, mobile apps, and systems.
Benjamin B. Cohen
Founder & CEO
T-REX is an industry-leading financial services software technology company that specializes in valuation, risk analysis, and structuring tools to unlock investment opportunities for various asset classes.
Taylor Smith
Co-founder & CEO
Blueboard is the employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace. Blueboard enables companies to reward top employees with memorable, personal and shareable experiences.
Natural Cure Labs
Damon Sununtnasuk
Natural Cure Labs LLC is an award-winning manufacturer of dietary supplements represented by two incredible brands: Palmara Health and VitaTails. The company is committed to producing responsible, trustworthy, and quality supplements that enable individuals to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
Farzad Mostasharia
Co-Founder & CEO
Aledade partners with independent, primary care physicians to provide everything the doctors need to create and run an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) – from business and practice transformation services to upfront capital and a cutting-edge technology platform.
Richard Lebovitz
President & CEO
LeanDNA is the only factory-centric, execution-focused analytics solution to inventory optimization.It empowers supply chain professionals to dramatically reduce excess inventory, deliver on time, and establish operational command across their organizations, delighting customers and unlocking new business growth.
Bryan Burkhart
Founder & CEO
Worksmith is helping forward-thinking brands adapt to the new world of retail. It connects its clients with the very best local service providers to create unique and inspiring store experiences.
Guilherme Baumworcel
CEO & Co-Founder
Entirely designed to help you control and plan the fulfillment of your obligations, Rupee is an easy-access system with a pleasant interface that will certainly generate value for your business, and does not require any kind of implementation process.
Officium Labs
Jonathan Shroyer
CEO & Co-founder
Officium Labs helps brands deliver incredible customer experiences. The company is a global collection of industry leaders and experts that are building the future of customer experience (CX).
Elli Junior
Elli Kasbi
Founder & CEO
Elli Junior is a UAE-based retailer of premium children and baby products. The company’s products are sustainably produced and beautifully crafted with a touch of Scandinavian design.
Henrik Johansson
CEO & Co-founder
Gembah empowers and enables product innovation.The company is democratizing and demystifying the product creation process by helping entrepreneurs, e-commerce sellers and small-to-midsize businesses research, design, and manufacture products.
Daniel Odio
Founder & CEO
Armory was founded in 2016 to unlock innovation by making software delivery continuous, collaborative, scalable and safe.
Abnormal Security
Evan Reiser
CEO & Co-Founder
Abnormal Security has built the world’s most sophisticated technology to understand each organization intimately so it can uniquely stop today’s most advanced email attacks.
Vivek Sharma
CEO & Co-founder
InStride is a public benefit company whose mission is to develop the workforce of the future by helping large organizations provide career-boosting, life-changing opportunities to their employees, while strengthening their competitive advantage.