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30 Best CEOs of the year 2024

30 Best CEOs of the Year 2024

Company Management About the Leader
Richard G. Stead,
Founder & CEO
Richard G. Stead founded UNEEKE TECHNOLOGIES LTD while conducting research on hypothiocyanite ions and their beneficial impact in combating pathogens. With a solid foundation in chemistry, Richard has played a role in the development of modern alginate and hydrocolloids wound dressings, as well as the formulation of Gaviscon liquid. Over the last decade, his focus has been on designing products that harness the chemistries found in nature, mirroring nature’s approach.
BlackBriar Advisors
Stephen Nalley
Founder, CEO
Stephen Nalley is an American real estate executive, entrepreneur, veteran, author, and the founder and CEO of Black Briar Advisors. Over the past 20 years, Stephen has participated in the ownership of over 100 hotel and resort assets and has managed over $2 billion in distressed real estate assets. Prior to Stephen’s professional career, he served in the United States Army as a Light Infantry Squad Leader with the Army’s Elite 10th Mountain Division and the 2145th in the US Army Reserves.
Scott Liu, Ph.D.
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Scott Liu is a life-science entrepreneur and successful biotech company-builder. He was one of the global partners of Fosun International Limited and a co-founder, president and CEO of Shanghai Henlius Biotech Inc. Scott has over 30 years of experience in managing corporate development, strategic portfolio, equity, cGMP quality operation, and CMC regulatory affairs.
Holly Cooper
"We are committed to our public safety mission and are confident about the impact we can make in our communities. We are devoted to fostering a culture of teamwork during this noble journey. Working with our internal teams and when collaborating with our partners, our mission remains constant," says CEO Holly Cooper.
Massimino Companies
Daniel J. Massimino
Chairman & CEO
Daniel J. Massimino's leadership philosophy centers on leading by exampleand providing support to my team in every way possible. He strongly adheres to the principle of ‘leaders eat last', emphasizing that effective leadership involves prioritizing the needs of the team before one's own.
CrudeChem Technology
Susanta Mohapatra
Susanta holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and he has completed his Postdoctoral work in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nevada Reno. During his impressive career spanning over 20 years, Dr. Mohapatra has secured six granted patents in areas like enhanced oil recovery, renewable chemicals, and surfactant chemistry, with seven more patents currently under review.
Trust Consulting Services
James W Radford
"We are on a mission to improve the world through our unrivaled professional services. We want to raise the bar for our operations, strengthen our staff, and foster greater warmth and camaraderie with our customers," says James W Radford, CEO.
Icaro Media Group
Paul Feller
Founder, Chairman & CEO
"I am dedicated to leading our team to redefine industry standards for media broadcast and telecom companies, offering mobile and streaming technology that our partners can provide to their subscribers. Our technology seamlessly integrates with theirs, enhancing, augmenting, or sometimes replacing it at their request," says Paul Feller, Founder and CEO.
Africa Accounting Advisory Group
Founder & CEO
Yuga KASAI, founder and CEO of Africa Accounting Advisory Group, has a remarkable career that showcases his commitment and expertise. Holding the title of Certified Public Accountant Instructor, Yuga has worked in audit firms, accounting offices, and consulting firms, demonstrating a deep understanding of financial matters.
Jack R. Smith
Jack R. Smith, CEO of Fortuna, is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, host of the Purposeful Prosperity podcast, and USAF veteran. Aside from his remarkable career as an entrepreneur, Jack is also a talented author. He is currently working on a book called Purposeful Prosperity, which complements his upcoming podcast of the same name.
Source Realty Capital
John Femenia,
John Femenia has over 15 years of finance experience, in both investment banking and real estate. John began his career in the maritime industry, first working for Military Sealift Command, a civilian transportation company for the US Military, as an engineering officer. John Femenia founded Source Realty Capital in 2019 to help real estate investors get the capital they need to close deals.
Nandini Jolly
Founder, President & CEO
Nandini Jolly is the Founder, President, and CEO of CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions. Responsible for CryptoMill's strategic direction & vision, Nandini has been focused on fostering innovation at CryptoMill to meet the stay awake issues of protecting critical information in an era where the world is getting more and more mobile and data is exploding everywhere.
Scott Weeren
Scott Weeren is the CEO of Brandmuscle. Scott's previous positions included Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sales at Fishbowl Marketing, Client Partner | Global Strategic Accounts at SAP, and Vice President of Professional Services at Intelliworks. Scott has also worked as a Senior Practice Manager for Siebel. Scott has a track record of expanding businesses and boosting revenue. Scott is a master of data-driven marketing and a strategic thinker. Scott is committed to his work and has a strong desire to see businesses flourish.
Focus Data Solutions
Elizabeth Chisman Moon
President & CEO
Elizabeth Chisman Moon is the president and chief executive officer of Alexandria, Virginia-based Focus Data Solutions. At Focus Data Solutions, she oversees a group of engineers, technicians, strategists, client service specialists, relationship builders, and operational commentators.
Day One
Jayavardhan B N
Founder & CEO
Jayavardhan is the CEO/Co-Founder of Day1 Technologies, a product-first company in the AI-first world. A passionate technology and innovation enthusiast, he brings a new approach to technology leadership with his drive for building products and aiding start-ups and entrepreneurs in their product-roadmap.
Minna Song
CEO & Co-founder
Under the leadership of Minna Song, EliseAI is create conversational artificial intelligence that transforms industries crucial to sustaining lives, starting with housing and healthcare.
ACI HR Solutions
Andrew Chan, MBA
Founder & CEO
Andrew Chan, MBA is the Founder and CEO of ACI HR Solutions (ACI) and is responsible for the firm’s operations and strategic direction. He has worked in many facets of the industry, commencing his career as a Travel Agent in Australia and subsequently joining the airline industry, working with Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines in customer service and business development roles.
Gadgeon Systems
Hariprasad V Nair
Hari Nair is an entrepreneur and innovator in the usage of IoT Technologies to digitally transform the way we do business. Hari and his team has successfully conceptualized and implemented a rapid IoT application deployment framework to enable quicker development and deployment of IoT/ IIoT solutions for multiple industries.
Asparuh Koev
Founder & CEO
Asparuh Koev is passionate about starting up new companies, and getting them to an established business model, team, and the first 1-2 million EUR revenue.
Avi Golan
Avi Golan is CEO and responsible for all aspects of Oosto’s business and strategy. Golan has worked at companies like SoftBank Vision Fund, Google, Intuit and Air New Zealand in different leadership and investment roles, where he led large organizations across multiple products and verticals.
Peaxy, Inc.
Manuel Terranova
CEO, President & Co-founder
Manuel Terranova is a technology veteran with a proven track record of bringing emerging technologies to market. He has a broad range of business and technical leadership experience in oil and gas, subsea equipment, software application development, pipeline inspection robotics, telemetry systems and IT infrastructure.
Mike Murchison
"Ada's chatbot technology, built on sophisticated machine learning algorithms, is designed to provide quick, accurate, and personalized responses to customer inquiries. The platform's ability to learn from interactions and improve over time has set it apart in an increasingly crowded market," says Mike Murchison, CEO.
Avi Freedman
Co-founder & CEO
Avi has decades of experience as a leading technologist and executive in networking. He was with Akamai for over a decade, as VP Network Infrastructure and then Chief Network Scientist. Prior to that, Avi started Philadelphia’s first ISP (netaxs) in 1992, later running the network at AboveNet and serving as CTO for ServerCentral.
Arun Rajagopalan
Co-founder & CEO
"Motorq stands as a pivotal solution in the realm of data synthesis, adeptly handling diverse data types and sources. It empowers clients with unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to utilize data in ways that best suit their unique needs," says Arun Rajagopalan, Co-Founder & CEO
Ted Gutiérrez
Co-founder & CEO
Ted Gutierrez and his team are on a mission to protect critical infrastructure and keep industrial teams safe by helping them make cybersecurity improvements faster.
Arif Tukiman
CEO & Co-founder
Arif Tukiman and his team is on a mission to enable beginners and experts to be comfortable with using cloud, taking away the frowns by doing away with the intricacies of cloud management and bringing smiles through simplicity.
Kristjan Jansons
Co-founder & CEO
Kristjan has been studying and working on machine learning projects for more than 5 years. After acquiring a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Machine Learning, he started working at Milrem Robotics as the Team Lead for Autonomous Vehicles, helping to build self-driving vehicles.
Sian Jones
Sian Jones and her team is helping customers navigate the complexities of the energy market while creating cost efficiencies that guide the way forward to a net-zero future.
Shaan Hathiramani
Founder & CEO
Shaan Hathiramani has a life-long passion for teaching. During careers in finance and tech, he worked at and founded financial literacy non-profits in Chicago and New York. He enjoys swimming in the San Francisco Bay.
Adam Markowitz
Co-founder & CEO
Adam Markowitz is the Co-Founder & CEO at Drata. Prior to Drata, Adam was the Founder & CEO at Portfolium, proudly serving millions of students and grads from over 3,600 colleges and universities as they connect their learning with opportunity.