30 Best Small Companies to watch 2019

30 Best Small Companies to watch 2019


Company Management Description

CDM Software Solutions

Darrell Ortiz,

Founder & CEO

CDM strives to provide dynamic and flexible global logistics software solutions that meets the diverse requirements of the global freight forwarding industry. CDM’s global logistics software products provides efficient solutions that maximizes customer service and shipment visibility required by its customers' customers.
Michael Arnouse, CEO  ADDC develops industry-leading, cutting-edge, technology solutions for commercial, military and industrial clients focusing on highly portable devices. ADDC currently holds contracts with the military for these types of devices.
Acceleration Partners


Founder & CEO

Acceleration Partners is a leading global affiliate marketing agency in the industry. Recently the company was named Best Performance Marketing Agency and Industry Choice of Agency by the International Performance Marketing Association.

Phil Marsden,

IT Director

Softwire is a privately owned software development company based in London. Specializing in the delivery of software consultancy and bespoke, custom-built software solutions along with offering expert software development training.
Melissa Allen, CEO GetUWired has grown into a thriving internet marketing and automation powerhouse known worldwide as an elite agency. The firm has served thousands of small businesses, won a slew of awards, and count some of the most influential minds in business as its clients and friends.

Martin Hubert,

CEO & Founder

Freightgate's Logistics Cloud Platform, known as the Freightgate Universe, enables transportation professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network.
Medallion Communications
Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani
President & CEO
Medallion Communications Incorporated – (MCL) is the product of structured collaboration between technocrats with versatile exposures and competences in the telecommunication industry. The company was founded with the vision of bridging the digital divide between the developing and the developed economies of the world.
AXES Network
Earle G. Hall, CEO AXES is a Cloud Information Management Platform that licences actionable intelligence and applications to Global Gaming & Amusement Industry.

Smart Recruit Online

Mark Stephens, CEO Smart Recruit Online support over 25,000 UK Recruiters with a unique blend of best in class recruitment technology, tools and processes to aid the delivery of a more efficient and effective direct hire recruitment process.
Matt Cheung, CEO Clarasys believes that there’s a better way to do consultancy. For Clarasys, doing it right means working together to transform your business fast, meeting the manifest challenges and discovering the root causes.

Venta Marketing

Max Prokell,

Founder & CEO

Venta Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in building custom strategies to fit the unique needs of each and every client.
Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

Hanno Schoklitsch,

CEO & Founder

Kaiserwetter is an independent and international service provider, dedicated to the management of renewable energy assets through the digital integration of all processes and data.
Joe Coleman, CEO  Contently believes in the power of great storytelling. Founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow, its mission is to help brands create engaging, accountable content that drives business results.
Joe Gagnon, CEO Based in California and Belgium, Sparkcentral is a messaging customer service platform company with a mission to change the way customer service is delivered around the world - through messaging on channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, or asynchronous in-app/in-web chat.

Murali Kala,

Principal Strategist

TargetArc is an independent consultancy practice specializing in Information Management and business consulting services. The company provides impartial advice and direction, helping organizations build a common vision and road map to achieve business goals.

Mathilde Collin,

Co-founder & CEO

Front is reinventing the inbox so people can accomplish more together. With new workflows, efficient collaboration, and all their communication channels in one place, more than 5,000 businesses rely on their Front inbox to be more productive as a team.

Andrew Barnes,

CEO & Founder

Get the learning content that you need, combined with the platform to manage your learners and track their progress - GO1 has got you covered!

Sarah Pearce, Founder Travelshoot connects travellers with local photographers around the world to easily capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments and occasions.

Disruptive Advertising

Jacob Baadsgaard,

Founder & CEO

Disruptive Advertising helps companies grow to the next level by developing and executing a dynamic digital marketing strategy that helps you drive the right traffic from Google and Facebook, identify what resonates with your audience and develop the perfect website experience.
Sure Oak

Tom Casano,

Founder & SEO Specialist

hrough the power of search and technology, Sure Oak envisions a world where all humans reach their full potential. The firm stands with the dreamers and the builders, the visionaries inundating the world with positive impact.


Avi Meir,

CEO & Co-founder

TravelPerk is the next-generation business travel platform pioneering the future of business travel. TravelPerk’s all-in-one platform gives travelers the freedom they want whilst providing companies with the control they need.
A3Cube Inc

Antonella Rubicco,

Co-founder & CEO

A3cube is among the first companies that, years ago, understood the key role of data in transforming every aspect of modern society.

Kunal Sharma,

Founder & CEO

Flipspaces is a Virtual- Reality-Tech-based design and contracting venture that aims at disrupting the way consumers design and execute the interiors of their spaces.

Ninja Van

Lai Chang Wen,

Co-founder & CEO

Combining its passion for harnessing cutting-edge technology solutions and its in-depth knowledge of e-commerce needs, Ninja Van ensure that logistics is a hassle-free affair for our business partners and consumers.
FogChain Corp
James Cerna, CEO FogChain is a fully integrated, end-to-end software development life cycle (SDLC) and quality assurance solutions provider. Combined with a decentralized Fog (edge network) and high-performance application development platform, FogChain's suite of services and technology provides application development at scale with greater speed, efficiency and at a lower cost.
Chalice Financial Network

Keith Gregg,

Founder & CEO

The Chalice Financial Network™ is a community dedicated to solving the unique challenges you face as a wealth advisor and entrepreneur. It empowers you with best in class technology and business solutions while inspiring you through a peer-to-peer community.

Dogsee Chew
Bhupendra Khanal, Founder Originating from a centuries-old Himalayan recipe and perfected by us over the years, the specially handcrafted Dogsee treats are made with 100% pure yak and cow milk. Smoked and sun dried to perfection for over 35 days for extra hardness and rich flavor, these chews are a natural favourite of canines across the world.


Tim Walmsley,

Co-founder & CEO

Welcome to the World’s first, business only sharing economy platform. BenchOn allows businesses to earn revenue by loaning out their staff to other businesses in need.

Raphael Bouzy,

Co-founder & CEO

Datarama is the one-stop information source for complex risk/opportunity assessment and due diligence in emerging markets. Its award-winning RegTech platform combines advanced technology with human analysis to streamline the traditional risk-consulting model, making compliance checks cheaper and faster.
Hubert Shio-Hsien Tai, CEO Oriente was established in 2017 by the co-founders of revolutionary internet companies Skype and who saw an opportunity to build a better, more equitable financial system for underserved consumers in Asia’s fastest-growing economies.