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30 Most Inspiring Leaders To Watch 2023

30 Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023

Leaders are the driving force behind the direction and growth of organizations. But what makes an inspiring leader? An inspiring leader brings out the best in everyone, sets a high standard for the kind of work ethic they want to see, and understands and leverages the unique perspectives of their teams. These qualities are not only important for leadership, but for innovation, growth and a healthy work environment.

Company Management Description
Projectivity Solutions

Phil Bristol,
Founder & Managing Principal
Phil Bristol is internationally recognized as an expert in accelerating organizational performance. He has over 35 years of business experience focusing on strategic planning, business process improvement, and enterprise-wide project management.
Music World Entertainment

Mathew Knowles,
Mathew Knowles is widely regarded as the best in the world at what he does and is a sought-after speaker, consultant and trainer for some of the world's largest organizations and conferences. He has led some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history, working with organizations like Pepsi, L'Oreal, and Samsung to name a few.
Manchanda Law Offices PLLC

Rahul Manchanda, Principal Attorney Professor, Author, and Attorney Rahul Manchanda is the Principal Attorney at the Manchanda Law Office. He began his career working for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan where he focused on asbestos litigation. He then worked at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”) in Vienna, Austria.
The HRXperts

Natasha Persad,
"Natasha Persad is a strategic Human Resources business leader with over 20 years of global Fortune 500 HR Executive experience and Co-Founder/CEO of The HRXperts. Demonstrated problem solver across multiple industries with expertise in change management, deep business knowledge, and a proven ability to partner with senior executives to drive human capital initiatives that achieve key business goals."
Time For Change Foundation

Kim Carter,
Founder & Ambassador
Kim Carter is the Founder and Ambassador of the Time for Change Foundation. Today, she is a powerful leader who transforms the lives of those impacted by poverty, marginalization, and recidivism.
The Law Offices of John Leon

John Leon,
Considered among the top lawyers in the country by industry publications, John Leon has been recognized by several national trade listings & has been ranked by his peers among the top 2% of all litigators in Florida. Mr. Leon has received numerous awards including being named Lawyer of the Year, Excellence in Legal Services Award, 40 under 40, listed in the Who’s Who Registry.
Lucosky Brookman LLP

Joseph M. Lucosky,
Managing Partner
Joseph M. Lucosky is the founding and managing partner of Lucosky Brookman LLP and oversees both the transactional and litigation departments. Mr. Lucosky has a broad multidisciplinary practice that includes extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution, regulatory investigations, negotiated mergers and acquisitions; domestic and cross-border investments/joint ventures; the representation of private equity; venture capital and other private investment funds, placement agents and underwriters; securities offerings; private and public financings (including secured and unsecured lending); bankruptcy transactions; real estate matters; and various other types of commercial transactions.
Assistant Solutions

Mandy Maleta, Founder & CEO Mandy Maleta, Founder and CEO of Assistant Solutions, founded the company with the goal of achieving independence, autonomy, personal growth, and the opportunity to pursue her diverse talents. Mandy’s desire was to become her own boss, establish a flexible schedule that suited both her personal life and family commitments, create a work environment tailored to her preferences, and liberate herself from the routine of reporting to a corporate office every day.
OTBi Solutions

Keryn Gold, Founder & CEO Keryn Gold, PhD empowers businesses to successfully adapt to rapid change, increase efficiency, and innovate without burnout or resorting to layoffs, compromising quality, or having to clone anyone. She finds opportunities for businesses to improve outcomes while reducing costs, without negative impact to people, product or service quality while improving work/life balance.
Frogames Formación SL

Juan Gabriel Gomila,
From the age of 8 Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas was enchanted by the world of video games. Being role-playing ones like Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, among others, which develop attractive and interesting stories, and racing ones like Gran Turismo or Formula 1, his favorites, among many others.
Feddie Distillery AS

Martin Hallberg,
Nestled within this coastal paradise is the Feddie Ocean Distillery, a one-of-a-kind artisanal distillery. Martin Hallberg, an award-winning leader in the restaurant and worldwide alcohol distribution industries for many years, now leads this extraordinary, forward-thinking Norwegian firm. With Team Feddie, he aims to place Feddie Ocean Distillery on the global stage.

Suzanne Martin,
Founder & CEO
As an artist and a tech founder, Suzanne Martin combined passion for creativity and innovation to create a more authentic and honest kind of social media. RealSpot is a mobile app that removes the features that enable fake news, social competitions, and online harassment, and encourages users to be their real selves, unfiltered and proud.

Rick Cantu,
Co-Founder & CEO
As CEO and co-founder of Redapt, Rick is a key contributor to our vision, business strategy, product development, marketing approach, and global operations.

Devon Copley,
CEO & Co-Founder
An expert on live immersive technology, Devon Copley has more than 20 years of experience in online media and VR. Previously, he was Head of Product for the Nokia OZO VR platform, where he expanded the OZO ecosystem to include live VR broadcast, next-generation immersive delivery, and multi-platform playback.

Dr. Bernard Parsons,
CEO & Co-founder
With an academic and research background, Dr. Bernard Parsons has over 25 years of experience in the  software industry, with expertise in AI, embedded systems, telecom, and cybersecurity. Bernard’s focus has always been high-assurance cyber security technology within innovative software startups, and has represented a number of small businesses on various government-industry entities
ACCUR Recruiting Services

Edouard Thoumyre, Owner & Managing Partner Under the leadership of Edouard Thoumyre, ACCUR Recruiting Services has been able to develop a specialized approach to executive recruiting across a diverse portfolio of industries ranging from Beauty to Wines and Spirits. We further use expertise gained in one vertical to address emerging needs in new market sectors.
Waterstone Human Capital

Marty Parker,
President & CEO
Marty Parker is president and chief executive officer of Waterstone Human Capital. Marty is considered a global leader and expert on human capital and corporate culture. He is a frequent commentator and keynote speaker on issues surrounding leadership and organizational culture.
Alkira, Inc.

Amir Khan, Founder,
President & CEO
Amir Khan is a computer networking visionary who founded and led Viptela’s market-leading, cloud-first, Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) business before its acquisition by Cisco.

Manny Medina,
Manny Medina is the CEO of Outreach. Previously he led GroupTalent, Microsoft’s Windows phone Business Development team in Latin America and Canada. Prior to that, Manny has engineered Amazon's compensation system for Amazon Associates (the web's largest and most successful affiliates business) and Web-Services which accounts for 15% of A's traffic.
Adactin Group Pty. Ltd.

Director &CEO
Navneesh, CEO, pursued his passion and interest in Test Automation by authoring four top best-selling automation books. He started his journey as a serial entrepreneur when he was 24 years of age. He has since then co-founded three, successful, award-winning IT companies.

Avi Golan,
Avi Golan worked in Silicon Valley for nearly 20 years, Avi worked at companies like SoftBank Vision Fund, Google, Intuit and Air New Zealand in different leadership and investment roles, where he led large organizations across multiple products and verticals.
Swift Navigation

Timothy Harris,
Co-Founder & CEO
Fergus Noble is co-founder and CTO of Swift Navigation, where he spearheads futuristic planning and focuses on technology strategy and architecture. Prior to Swift, he obtained his BA and MSc degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge, where he also worked on GPS for rocketry.

Martin Jakobsen,
Managing Director
Cybanetix secures your business through the application of technology, knowhow, and services. Under the leadership of Martin Jakobsen, the comoany is able to provide our customers with an innovative security eco-system with natural integrations between all the technologies.

Julieann Esper Rainville,
Given her passion for better servicing caregivers in the post-acute care industry, Julieann joined the board of Viventium in 2023. Most recently, she also took over as interim CEO. She is an Operating Partner with Advent, working on the HCIT portfolio, and a Board member at Azalea Health. She has spent the past 26 years working in enterprise software, with senior executive roles at PointClickCare, Cyncly, and UKG (Kronos).

Nadav Arbel,
Co-founder & CEO
Nadav Arbel is the CEO and co-founder of CYREBRO. Nadav previously headed the Cyber Security Division for the Israeli Police Force where he established and commanded the Israeli Cyber & SIGINT technology unit.

Philippe Bloquet,
CEO & Founder
Philippe Bloquet vision was to create a 100% open and flexible platform specifically adapted to large and complex companies.
Source Defense

Ross Hogan,
As the CEO of Source Defense, Ross brings 20+ years of executive leadership in the cybersecurity and fraud prevention industry to the table. He specializes in architecting companies with growth rates that far outpace the market spaces in which they operate.

Managing Director
Under the leadership of Craig, CloudTech24 has been very successsful to provide effective, secure, and responsive IT managed services.

Dan Munk,
Fencecore’s CEO, Dan Munk has over 10 years of industry experience and acts as an active member of the Forbes Technology Council. Amongst colleagues, clients and the community, Dan is known for his dedication to the industry as well as his positive attitude, which inspires and motivates.
Grip Security

Lior Yaari,
CEO &Co-Founder
CEO Lior Yaari and his team at Grip bring the industry’s most comprehensive visibility across all enterprise SaaS applications--known or unknown for apps, users, and their basic interactions with extreme accuracy to minimize false positives.