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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020

50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020


Company Management Description
LaSalle Solutions
Steven Robb, President "LaSalle Solutions helps customers better manage the lifecycle technology operations to drive results by improving the information and process through lease financing, maintenance contract management, and asset management. "
Richard Eckerstrom, CEO "Ecteon is a contract management software company, featuring Contraxx, a premier CML solution for companies with complex contracting requirements. "
Kastle Systems
Haniel J Lynn, CEO Kastle's innovative outsourced security services including video, access and visitor management, significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers and tenants.
ImageSource Inc
Terry Sutherland, CEO ImageSource is a recognized leader in consulting, strategic analysis and rapid application deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.
Fairfax Software

Steve Chahal,

CEO & President

Fairfax Imaging's award winning Quick Modules software optimizes processing workflows by electronically identifying, capturing, validating, and updating critical information our clients receive whether electronic or paper form.

Leandro González,

Founder & CEO

B.K.F. ASESORES is a Professional Services Office that was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing a comprehensive and quality response to the management needs of companies.
Bang Energy

Jack Owoc,

CEO, CSO, Founder

Bang Energy Performance Beverages and Sports Nutrition has been producing epic innovations for 25 years. It engages in an unrelenting pursuit to create trendsetting appearance and performance enhancing inventions.
BRAVADA International Ltd

Danny Alex,

Founder & CEO

BRAVADA owns and curates online properties through a proprietary methodology of creating, developing and operating retail and wholesale websites that provide an exciting blend of consumer level and B2B products and services.
OnePIN Inc

Feyzi Celik,

President & CEO

OnePIN has a decade of experience connecting people to the things that matter most. Its simple – OnePIN’s Digital Assistant Services connects the world.
CPQi Group
Terry Boyland, CEO From cloud migration to highly accurate AI powered prediction models, CPQi is ready to help you lead the way into the 21st century.
Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, CEO Conversocial simplifies how brands communicate with their customers by combining human agents and bots in a single platform. The result; frictionless customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle that enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue — at scale.
Mgr. Jiří Libra, CEO provides solutions and products mainly for H2FC technologies and electrochemistry. Its electronics and software can cover many tasks ranging from basic and applied research, high-power cell and stack testing, stack control system prototyping to target application solutions.
DolCas Biotech LLC

K.G. Rao,

Founder & CEO

DolCas Biotech's tripartite mission speaks to its passion for nature, people and the potential availed from attaining good health.
Pharmactive Biotech Products
Jean-Marie Raymond, Founder Biotechnology based, Pharmactive is engaged to research, development, manufacture and marketing of natural products and active ingredients for its use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical (dietary supplements) food and cosmetics industries.
Storage Made Easy

Jim Liddle,

Co-founder & CEO

Storage Made Easy provide a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called the Enterprise File Fabric™ that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets.
David Binny, CEO Powered by cutting-edge data aggregation and machine learning algorithms, Panaya delivers deep insights that help organizations determine dependencies, accelerate testing, and ensure business continuity.
PayPerks Inc

Jake Peters,

Co-founder & CEO

PayPerks operates education, engagement, and rewards solutions to drive positive behavior change for our partners and their customers. Its flexible platform allows us to deploy custom solutions across industries and use cases.
ASNA | Applied Seals N.A. Inc

Dalia Vernikovsky,

President & CEO

Applied Seals NA, Inc. (ASNA) offers a portfolio of specialty materials to meet the stringent requirements of the most sophisticated industries in the world – those include the formidable semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, & solar industries.
Ivan Vucetic, CEO With over two decades of home renovation and construction experience, beaulive has mastered concierge construction and streamlined it into a system that our clients can count on.
Ooze Wholesale

Dan Hannawa,

President & Co-founder

"Ooze Wholesale is your one-stop-shop for all smoke shop, dispensary, and retail supplies, all at extremely competitive wholesale pricing for retailers and distributors world-wide. "
Soft Giken

Norio Fujita,

Founder & Director

The core of Soft Giken's business is the construction of systems that support social safety. The company is entrusted with the development of large-scale social systems, and undertakes numerous projects every year. T
EyRIS Pte. Ltd.

Lai Teik Kin,

Founding CEO

EyRIS develops and deploys AI Deep Learning System (DLS), a breakthrough machine learning technology, utilize representation-learning methods with multiple levels of representation to process natural data in their raw form, recognizing the intricate structure in high-demensional data.
ATLATL Holdings Inc

Dr. Zhu,

Founder & CEO

ATLATL has the largest shared Class A laboratory space, designed as a launchpad for high-potential life sciences. It offers fully permitted laboratories and office space for scientists and entrepreneurs.
Game & Growth Marketing Genie

Hersh Bhatt,

CEO & founder

atisfy® looks to customize solutions for its clients based on budget, requirements, and strategy, making it a good fit for all brands from SMB to global enterprise.
OtoNexus Medical Technologies Inc

Caitlin Cameron,

Chair of the Board & CEO

OtoNexus is developing the world’s first medical device to provide objective diagnostic data to instantly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections (Otitis Media) in children and adults.

Sam Vise,

President & CEO

Retail Management Software (RMS) is empowering future-focused brands to optimize their brick and mortar operations through elevated communication, maximum compliance, and stronger retail performance.
Quantified Biology

Shahar Barbash,

CEO & Founder

Quantified Biology, Inc. develops custom-made biological image analysis solutions for R&D units in pharmaceutical companies and academic research groups who perform image-based experimentation for drug discovery.
GAT Marketing
Charles Anderson, CEO GAT Marketing is a full service agency with niche experience to help Firearms manufacturers as well as supporting businesses traverse the anti second amendment social media networks and deliver an increased ROI and rate of growth.
Badu Networks
Dennis Vadura, CEO "Our technology stands out because it’s the only one that overcomes the obstacles to achieving maximum throughput caused by the transport layer’s response to today’s network traffic. The result is 2x to 10x or greater improvements in performance for WAN, Wi-Fi, mobile, broadband and cloud networks, and the applications that use them. "
John Yanyali, CEO JuiceBot has created a convenient distribution system for fresh and healthy beverages by combining unique food safety technology, and scalable hardware and software into a single platform to serve people who care for their well-being.
Sagit Manor, CEO Nyotron's PARANOID is a game-changing endpoint protection solution. By distinguishing between legitimate program or user activities and attack activities, PARANOID creates an almost impenetrable defense against sophisticated attacks.
Marc L Daniels, CEO ResultsBI is also the ONLY Strategic Planning software system designed to help you actually execute your strategic plan.
Grenova Inc

Ali Safavi,

Founder & CEO

"Grenova's mission is to lower costs in the laboratory industry and reduce biohazard waste in the environment by delivering groundbreaking approaches in dealing with plastic consumables."
Ross James, CEO Accloud empowers SMEs in high growth markets with innovative cloud-based business management tools specially designed to meet their unique needs.
DalCor Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Fouzia Laghrissi-Thode, CEO DalCor developing dalcetrapib, a unique cholesterol ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitor, as a potential targeted treatment to address the residual cardiovascular risk in patients carrying a specific ADCY9 genetic profile to maximize clinical benefit.
Prof. Mazen Hassanain, CEO "SaudiVax's mission is to manufacture high quality and affordable vaccines and biopharmaceuti-cals localized in Saudi Arabia by Saudis for the national self-sufficiency and pandemic preparedness."
Stella Connect

Jordy Leiser,

Co-founder & CEO

Stella Connect believes that a more engaged front-line team drives higher performance. The company's SaaS platform leverages humanized customer feedback and real-time QA and coaching modules to do just that.
Value Creed

Priyankar Datta,

Founder & MD

Value Creed’s expert-driven Managed Services provides CTRM customers with the expertise to get the most from their system, securely and rapidly move to the cloud and engage with experts to accomplish the support and enhancements that will truly help them achieve their business goals and vision with their CTRM Application.
RuListing Inc

Susan Joynt,

Founder & CEO

RuListing maps realtime geo-demand, building user populated demand datasets for next generation mapping technology and predictive analytics.
Henrique Vaz, CEO CleanCloud is a cloud management platform providing products for cost optimization and security/compliance.
Laurent dubernais, CEO Synergee provides an end to end solution to manage the shop life cycle inside a network through a modular SAAS platform. The solution integrates with the customer IT solutions with Single Sign-On and web API with the ERP.

Shivani Schneider & Sushil
Hussein Mrad,


Eupepsia Wellness Center is a wellness sanctuary, a unique destination for health and wellness retreats, designed to help people reconnect with themselves and align with nature.
CodeBoxx Technology Corporation

Nicolas Genest,

CEO & Co-founder

CodeBoxx is the school that teaches performant tools and the right programming and technology habits to anybody with its adapted and innovative methods!
Crumbl Cookies

Jason McGowan,

Co-founder & CEO

Crumbl stores are unique. The brand’s open-kitchen concept is all about transparency — customers can see their Crumbl Crew mix, bake, and prepare fresh cookies from start to finish.
Chalice Network

Keith Gregg,

Founder & CEO

Chalice Network™ is a community dedicated to solving the unique challenges you face as a wealth advisor and entrepreneur. The company empowers you with best in class technology and business solutions while inspiring you through a peer-to-peer community.

Dr Arthur Jue,

Co-founder & CEO

LiveFreely's mission is to promote true peace of mind by creating a technology-enabled ecosystem of individuals, families, and caregivers better equipped to take control of their aging, health, and wellness.
Bayestree Intelligence Inc

Avijit Biswas,

Co-founder & CEO

Bayestree Intelligence is creating reality that is more imaginative than fiction, the company is taking away think-time and creating future of enterprise support.
Seale & Garland Consultants

Sarah Seale,

CEO & Founder

"With its years of experience in building Human Resource Functions combined with Organizational Development and Strategic Planning, Seale & Garland Consultants can help you achieve your goal of becoming a leader in the cannabis industry. "
iKON Technologies
Sam Mahrouq, CEO ikonGPS is the telematics industry leader providing customized software solutions and innovative hardware on a state-of-the-art platform.
Law 365

Kim Simmonds,

Founder & CEO

Law 365's expert lawyers provide industry-tailored contracts and legal advice for Microsoft Partners, giving your business the security it needs to help you focus on the big picture.