Apple rolls out bilingual Siri...


Apple rolls out bilingual Siri and a full-page screenshot in the new iOS update

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The Silicon Review
13 July, 2023

iOS 17 is available for Apple devices.

Apple has released the latest update for iOS. One of the major new features is a bilingual Siri, which can now recognize and respond to voice commands in two languages. This means that users can speak to Siri in their preferred language and receive answers in the same language, even if they switch languages mid-conversation. Another notable feature of the update is the ability to capture full-page screenshots. Previously, iOS screenshots were limited to just a single screen. With this new feature, users can now take a full-page screenshot of any website or app they're using, making it easier to capture important information or share visual content.

 Apple has also made several improvements to its existing features, including better performance and stability for Face ID, improved autocomplete suggestions on the keyboard, and enhanced privacy settings. iOS 17 is available for Apple devices. The update is available for a wide range of Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The new iOS 17 update offers a range of handy new features that improve the user experience and offer greater flexibility and convenience. With bilingual Siri and full-page screenshots, users can communicate and capture information more effectively than ever before.