X, formerly Twitter, to Shut D...


X, formerly Twitter, to Shut Down Circle Point on October 31

X Twitter formerly
The Silicon Review
22 September, 2023

The Circle feature was launched in August 2022 but had security glitches.

X, formerly Twitter, has announced it'll be shutting down its Circle Point, which allowed druggies to partake in a post with a specific set of people only. The Circle feature was launched in August 2022 but had security glitches. In April, Circle posts were reportedly appearing on other people’s algorithmic timelines, and in May, the company discovered a "security incident" that allowed druggies outside of someone’s Circle to view Circle posts. Following the deprecation of the point on October 31, people will continue to be able to view their literal Circle posts.

Despite enterprise, X has yet to note why it's shutting down the point; still, it comes as the company seeks to budge itself as a "decentralized social media platform." In September 2021, CEO Elon Musk said that X was "not about being a single global super-corporation controlled by anyone. It’s about creating a flawless and easy-to-use public forum where people can communicate and change ideas freely and securely. "The junking of the circle point aligns with X's charge to move towards decentralization and produce a more open and secure platform for communication. As the company navigates this shift, it may continue to make changes to its features and immolations in pursuit of its vision of further popular social media geography.