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How The Rise Of Technology Has...


How The Rise Of Technology Has Revolutionised The Search For Life Insurance In Australia

How The Rise Of Technology Has Revolutionised The Search For Life Insurance In Australia
The Silicon Review
18 June, 2024

If we approach the subject objectively, the case for taking out life insurance in Australia virtually sells itself. Yet, many prefer to avoid it, perhaps because of our understandable, inherent fear of facing mortality. What sense is there in dwelling on the morbidity of the future when life is here to be lived here and now? There is something to be said for living life with freedom, but there comes a time when we must face our responsibilities. This article focuses on how modern technology and the conveniences it brings can help us protect ourselves against the worst thrown at us.

What can life insurance in Australia do for me?

 Life insurance in Australia is a critical tool for all responsible adults to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of a worst-case scenario. In horrendous situations where the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies unexpectedly, the existence of life insurance in Australia is of great benefit. It might not bring emotional support and comfort in a time of terrible shock and grief, but it can at least provide ample financial security.

The role of technology in choosing appropriate life insurance in Australia

Before ubiquitous internet connectivity, the only way to accurately compare quotes was in a series of long, often frustrating telephone calls. Today, we can sit quietly for several minutes with a smartphone or laptop and have dozens of comparable quotes at our fingertips.

Practical steps to finding and comparing life insurance in Australia  

Some of the following will be instinctive to anyone familiar with how the online realm operates, yet there are still a few tips and tricks to be aware of, so read on.

  • Start with a search engine

An obvious but crucial step, it pays to search for a few terms related to life insurance in Australia and see what comes back as part of your due diligence.

  • Visit several comparison sites

In your effort to find the best coverage at a price you’re happy with, comparison sites are a game-changing element that helps you explore and compare options thoroughly. The onus shifts onto the insurance providers, and they must remain competitive to attract customers, which is a welcome change compared to the traditional process.

  • If unsure of the details, call and ask

Although we have discussed avoiding unnecessary phone calls, you might feel more comfortable working through the final stages of comparing your shortlisted policies by telephone. The advantage is that you will already have been quoted a price, and the other person should be able to see that and offer advice without starting at the beginning.


Spending a few minutes researching and comparing quotes for life insurance in Australia is an unrivalled way to access better deals. Prices can be much lower than expected due to such fierce competition, and there is no excuse not to get an unpleasant task out of the way quickly and effectively. What better way to give yourself peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest than knowing you have done the responsible thing and provided for your loved ones?