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30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2023

30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2023

It is very important to maintain reputation in order to attract and keep customers as well as employees. Learning what affects a company's reputation and how you can improve the same can help accomplish your success goals, increase your sales. This edition explains what a company's reputation is, why it is important, and with expert tips to maintain and improve business conduct.

Company Management Description
Sunwest Bank
Eric Hovde,
Sunwest Bank is an entrepreneurial business bank with a long history of providing excellent service to entrepreneurs, privately-held corporations, family offices, small and medium-sized businesses, and real estate developers across the Western United States. Sunwest is an FDIC- insured lender and an equal housing lender. Currently, it operates in California, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, and Utah.
Rodrigo Martínez,
PerfectServe accelerates speed to care by optimizing provider schedules, streamlining clinical communication, and engaging patients and their families in the care experience. Its cloud-based software simplifies complex clinical workflows and schedules with secure and timely communication by dynamically routing messages to the right person at the right time.
The Bandish Group, LLC
Jackie Bandish,
Managing Member,
Head of Life Sciences
Recruiting & Operations
The Bandish Group LLC is not a contingent firm but rather a boutique life sciences executive search firm. We conduct exclusive searches with a hybrid model of retained services that is both efficient and cost effective to our clients. We specialize in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics, Medical Device, CDMOs, Life Sciences Construction, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Healthcare industries.
Andrew Wallace,
President & CEO
PortoSpire serves clients nationally and beyond with its small but mighty team of 5. The company’s geographically distributed team operates with flexible scheduling and asynchronous collaboration. Since the early 2000s, PortoSpire’s team has taken a story experience approach to all its projects.
Markham Investigation & Protection
Cory Markham,
Founder & CEO
Markham Investigation & Protection delivers cost-effective security assessment and planning services to public and private enterprises worldwide. Its highly-trained security specialists are experienced in developing and implementing field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk.
RedRock Consulting
Ben Curnock,
Co-founder & MD
RedRock Consulting has been building client capabilities by creating dynamic, multi-disciplinary, highly skilled workforces for over twenty years. Its formidable heritage and successful track record in technology project sourcing combined with access to the very best talent means the company is uniquely placed to build powerful digital and transformation teams to optimise each and every project delivery.
Implantica AG
Dr. Peter Forsell,
Founder & CEO
Implantica is a medtech group dedicated to bringing innovative advances in technology into the body. Implantica plans to bring to the fast expanding eHealth market its sensor implant e-InVivo™, which collects data from inside the body and transfers the data to external devices, such as a watch or directly to the caregiver.
Vikash Kothari,
As an application and technology consulting company, Infovity helps forward-thinking companies deploy Oracle Cloud apps and create long-term strategies and solutions that fast-track implementation and your business goals.
Founders Trust
Matt Williamson,
Founders Trust buys companies up to $450 million in revenue and maintains the legacy of owners and founders. The Founders Trust strategy is to keep and incentivize employees, and support each company to give it what it needs for growth. It focuses on certainty of execution and stability of ongoing operations.
Loren Trimble,
AArete is a global management consulting firm driving client value through strategic profitability improvement, data-driven solutions and market intelligence. The firm works across all industries and business functions to optimize profits in a compressed timeframe.
Patrick Dennis,
ExtraHop is on a mission to stop advanced threats with security that can’t be undermined, outsmarted, or compromised. Its dynamic cyber defense platform uses cloud-scale AI to help enterprises detect and respond to advanced threats––before they compromise your business.
Bret Smith,
CEO & Founder
HIPB2B is a leading digital demand gen solution provider with significant reach in email and social advertising. The company leverages thought leadership content, early demand data, historic behavior, and digital marketing to drive high-value outcomes at scale for technology clients.
Dirk Abendroth,
As one of the leading companies in the development and series production of special lithium-ion battery cells, CUSTOMCELLS® is setting the pace for a comprehensive technological transformation. CUSTOMCELLS® employs more than 150 highly qualified employees and operates development and production sites in Itzehoe and Tübingen.
Alex Kalinovsky,
AgileEngine evolved from a small team and one proprietary product to more than 1000 experts building impactful software for Fortune 500 brands and most-funded startups. The team spans some of the world’s leading talent hubs in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
Howard Brown,
Founder & CEO powers high-performing teams with real-time guidance. By surfacing and recommending what works best, enables hundreds of customers like HPE, Nutanix, and Amazon to deliver predictable results and optimize their entire revenue operation.
Qualified Digital
Jacqueline Saleem,
Founder & CEO
Qualified Digital, or QD, is a full-service digital agency focused on customer experience, using data technology to drive positive outcomes for our customers including growth, agility and loyalty. Jacqueline Saleem founded it in 2017.
Blazeclan Technologies
Varoon Rajani,
Founder & CEO
Blazeclan is amongst the world’s leading providers of public cloud services with a proven history of helping enterprises unlock the value of cloud computing. Established in 2010, the company has been providing customers across the globe with cloud advisory services, cloud migration, DevOps and Automation, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Native Application development, and cloud managed services.

Active Logic

Founder & CEO
Active Logic prides itself in having local senior-level staff (never offshored) that has integrated well with companies both small and large. Whether it is leading the charge on development or working closely with your team, we have been trusted by startups & enterprise companies to develop digital solutions and contribute to ongoing platform enhancements
Growth Stack Inc.
Kevin Petersen,
Founder & CEO
Growth Stack is a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. The firm acquires, manages and builds industry specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions that address the particular needs of its customers.
Jason Cooper,
Co-founder & CEO
thorndyke delivers independent 3rd party DOOH verification for advertisers and media owners. DOOH is one of the last digital mediums to be measured, the company is excited about the delivering better campaign measurement and centralized campaign reporting for marketers.
Pragmatic Coders
Pragmatic Coders focus on software development. The company's goal is to deliver your high-quality product to the market as soon as possible while still ensuring that it is valuable for your customers.
Goji Labs
David Barlev,
Founder & CEO
Goji Labs develops mobile and web applications for our clients and offer technical advisory, design, and product management services. The company works with startups, enterprises, and non-profits to make technical visions a reality.
Omni auto Dealership Solutions
Brent F Marshall,
OmniAuto (OA) is here to disrupt the status quo, upend the apple cart, and transform the way you do business. The company is offering a true one-stop-shop for your dealership’s needs for the first time in Canada, you can now bring harmony to your operations and marketing by turning to one source for everything.
Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Paul Edalat,
Chairman, Founder & CEO
Vivera Pharmaceuticals is an innovative, science-driven pharmaceutical company located in Southern California. The Company has global exclusivity to license the patented and patent-pending TABMELT sublingual drug delivery system for pharmaceutical use and holds its own issued patents on ZICOH, a smart, dose-controlled electronic medical device, and MDZone, a portable telemedicine station.
Michael Rödiger,
Cortado Mobile Solutions is the manufacturer of the mobile device management solution Cortado MDM and is driven by the philosophy that the use of iOS and Android’s own security architecture delivers the best balance between user acceptance and security.
Reynazran Royono,
Founder & CEO
Snapcart applies proprietary AI to connect Brands and Customers through real-time data and purchase attributions. Since its launch in September 2015, the company prides itself in the creation of technologies to collect billions of unstructured data while processing those data into value-add services within just seconds.
Robert Johnston,
Co-founder & CEO
Adlumin Inc. is a patented, cloud-native Security Operations Platform plus Managed Detection and Response Services. The platform focuses on advanced cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and sprawling IT operations to command greater visibility, stop threats, reduce business risk, and automate compliance.
Stephen Pratt,
CEO has a clear mission: to create a world without waste. With today’s unprecedented supply chain crisis, in which “normal” conditions no longer exist, companies’ systems of record and systems of planning alone cannot keep pace. has responded by creating a supply chain system of intelligence, optimized to enable companies to navigate the highly dynamic “post-normal” environment.
Shahar Chen,
Co-founder & CEO
Aquant presents Service Intelligence - giving service leaders, techs and teams the most vital information they need for every situation. Aquant understands service data in context, automatically transforming unstructured data into structured data, and pulling the most vital information for every situation.
Uri May,
Co-founder & CEO
Hunters is a group of security and technology experts with a mission to revolutionize security operations. The firm's SOC platform empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter across their entire attack surface.