50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2020

50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2020


Company Management Description
Sarcos Robotics

Ben Wolff, Chairman and CEO

Sarcos Robotics is revolutionizing the future of work across the private and public sectors through its advanced line of robotic products that augment, rather than replace, humans. By combining the intelligence, instinct, and judgment of humans with the strength, endurance, and precision of machines, the result is a workforce that is not only safer but significantly more productive.
Positive One Corporation

Shoichi Kudo,

Founder & CEO

PositiveONE is focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions for wired and wireless technologies. The company comprehensively covers hardware, software, network technology, etc. and has accumulated knowledge and technology in various aspects, from requirement definition to design, development, test, and operation. 
AmeriVet Securities Inc
Elton Johnson, Jr., CEO AmeriVet Securities, Inc. is an institutional broker/dealer, owned and operated by disabled U.S. military veterans. It provides institutional financial services to corporate and public clients through multiple lines of business: debt/equity capital markets investing, public finance, loan sales, cash management and investment banking.
Kevin Hickey, CEO Prevalent is helping global organizations manage and monitor the security threats and risks associated with third and fourth party vendors. Prevalent introduced the only unified platform for Third Party Risk Management and the first vendor evidence sharing portal that enables collaboration between both enterprises and vendors.
The Plum Tree Group
Daniel Townsend, MD The Plum Tree Group is an interactive agency focusing on solutions for emerging businesses. We focus on Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, Marketing and Communications, Consulting and Micro Venture Support Services … all customized exclusively for small- and mid-sized emerging companies.
PBSC Urban Solutions
Luc Sabbatini, CEO PBSC is changing the world, one city at a time. A micromobility pioneer, it develops, markets and operates — alongside its local partners — innovative, customizable, reliable and safe public bike-share systems. In the process, the company is helping cities solve some of the most pressing issues facing them today.

Yaniv Iny,

CEO & Co-founder

PractiTest is an easy to use end-to-end test management platform, that provides Testing teams with full visibility of their testing projects. The systems includes requirements, tests sets and runs and issues modules at it’s core, with granular reporting capabilities to ensure you are in control of your testing status.
LEGION Systems

Dan Vanderheyden,

Co-founder & Managing Member

Legion Systems, LLC (LEGION) is a defense contracting and industry services firm that delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic solutions to government and industry. The team consists of veterans of the U.S. Special Operations , Intelligence, and Defense Industry Communities with more than 85 years of combined government and private sector experience.
The Commpliance Group

Jonathan Marashlian,

President & CEO

Compliance is more than just accurate, on-time filing. It’s an opportunity to competitively position your organization within the communications industry. The company gives you a competitive advantage while reducing compliance-related expenses and controlling exposure to risk.
Venios GmbH

Dr. Jonas Danzeisen,

CEO & Co-founder

Venios offers IT solutions and consulting services capable of analyzing, planning, forecasting, monitoring, and controlling the conditions of power grid infrastructure, specifically for the low and medium voltage ranges.
Provar Testing

Geraint Waters,

CEO & Co-founder

Provar is the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool specifically for Salesforce. The company delivers the benefits of automation while avoiding the pitfalls of other tools.
Inline Data Systems LLC

Justin Wilkerson,

Founder & CIO

Inline Data Systems is a B2B company that specializes in deep data insight, key integrations, and a multi-tier marketing platform using a Powerful CRM. Inline Data Systems' mission is to provide clients with reliable cost-effective software that is flexible in expanding clients’ growing businesses.
Krishna Depura, CEO MindTickle provides a comprehensive, data-driven solution for sales readiness and enablement that fuels revenue growth and brand affinity. Its purpose-built applications, proven methodologies, and best practices are designed to drive effective sales onboarding and ongoing readiness.
Raj Verma, Co-CEO MemSQL is The Database of Now, powering modern applications and analytical systems with a cloud-native, massively scalable architecture. MemSQL delivers maximum ingest, accelerated transaction processing and blisteringly fast query performance, including AI integration and machine learning models, all at the highest concurrency.
Noble Vici Group

Sir Eldee Tang,

Founder & CEO

Noble Vici Group, Inc. is a company on the cutting edge of technology, through in-house developments and external acquisitions the company is building an ecosystem of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and E-commerce to form a digital revolution that provides our users with the tools to live and interact in the modern mobile world.
Onclave Networks Inc

Glen Gulyas,

CEO & Co-founder

Onclave Networks' product platform, Secure IoT, protects all Operational Technologies (OT) in an enterprise to ensure their safe operations without compromise. Its solution is vendor and device agnostic, making it seamlessly interoperable with all existing devices and systems – old and new.
Consortium Networks

Tim Murphy,

CEO & President

Navigating the technology and cybersecurity markets is becoming more frustrating and confusing every day. Consortium connects like-minded technology professionals to leverage their combined knowledge to add clarity and ease the frustration of choosing the right products and solutions.
Thrive Bioscience

Mr. Farb-Horch,

CEO & Co-founder

Thrive’s instruments empower biologists to deliver consistent, reproducible results by leveraging microscopy, robotics, fluidics and other fields, to capture images and data and provide analysis, reports, guidance, documentation and a database on the cells and on cell culture processes.
North Star Insurance Advisors

Tony Hakim & Aaron Eidson,


North Star Insurance Advisors provides support services to agents who don’t want to be responsible for every detail of their insurance business but want the freedom of owning a business. North Star takes care of all the marketing, customer service support, technology, and licensing renewals for a small monthly fee so that agents can focus 100% of their time and energy on helping people find the life insurance coverage they need.
Santoku Corporation (

Susumu Matsuda,

Division Director

Santoku Corporation is a company that contributes to society by creating safety-enhancing methods and safety ideas. The company offer two types of safety services namely RiMM skill training and RiMM safety education. In order to improve safety, Santoku Corporation provides a constant work method for skill improvement and abnormal treatment.

Alessio Alionço,

Founder & CEO

Pipefy is the workflow management software that makes business processes—such as purchasing, onboarding, and recruiting—hassle-free, so requesters, processors, and managers are more efficient. Through automated workflows, Pipefy enhances speed, increases visibility, and delivers higher quality outcomes without the need of IT implementation.
Tudor Brad, Owner BetterQA is a software testing services company that can partner with you to meet and exceed your business goals and objectives. Its passionate software QA engineers have testing experience varying from medical software, fin-tech, Internet of Things, and video games.
TenantBase Inc

Bennett Washabaugh,

CEO & Co-founder

TenantBase is a tech-enabled commercial real estate platform built to revolutionize the leasing process for tenants. TenantBase couples proprietary technology with top local tenant rep brokers to ensure tenants have an end to end leasing experience built and tailored entirely around the needs of the modern tenant consumer.
Maja Pozar Andrejasic, Founder REC is a young company oriented in research and development of electric solutions in environmentally friendly applications for hybrid and electric vehicles. It specializes in applications for managing battery systems. Its products are all custom made for specific applications for hybrid and electric boats, sail planes, electric cars, RV's, motorcycles, etc.

Nina Vellayan,

President & CEO

Xeeva is the leader in AI-powered spend management solutions that help drive real-time savings and optimize procurement processes. We enrich your spend data with unparalleled granularity and speed to uncover insights and savings for the enterprise.

Revital Rattenbach, Founder & President

Patrice Denèfle, CSO

4P-Pharma is a French biotech company specialized in the development of therapeutics addressing unmet medical needs for Human and Animal Health. 4P-Pharma detects innovative, breakthrough projects in Universities and research centers, SATTs and TTOs, in order to accelerate their development as novel drug candidates by a de-risking and partnership approach.
Advanced Level Roofing

Mitch Beaulieu,

Founder & CEO

Advanced Level Roofing is a full-service roofing and exterior company operating in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas. Its mission is to streamline the sales process and foster a superior customer experience; with thorough project inspections and client, follow-ups to ensure the installation process went well and above all to guarantee expectations were met or surpassed.
Robert G., CEO FluidRank is passionate about creating striking, exciting designs and campaigns that transform your brand, while connecting with your target audience and distinctly reaching your community. It believes that connection creates an impression in both business and life, and it prides itselves in being unique while doing so.
Onsite Utility Services Capital LLC
Fritz Kreiss, CEO Onsite Utility Services brings together vendors, service providers, end users, and capital resources that allow more businesses and institutions to take advantage of the savings created through utility equipment upgrades by removing end-users requirement to purchase expensive upgrades out of their own pocket.
Philia Earth Limited

Kenneth K.Y. Poon,

Design Partner & Chairman Ailin Iwan Poon, Managing Partner & CEO

Philia Earth was formed on the Earth Day, 22 April 2016. It is a company which aims to seek creative and sustainable solutions to existing world problems while being realistic in the execution.
ContractSafe LLC

Ken Button,

Co-founder & CEO

ContractSafe is an easy and affordable solution for your contract headaches. It makes your life easier with Contract Speed Searching and easy date reminders. And you can add unlimited users with custom roles and permissions, so you can collaborate safely across your organization.
CodeBoxx Technology Corporation

Nicolas Genest,

CEO & Founder

CodeBoxx is the school that teaches performant tools and the right programming and technology habits to anybody with its adapted and innovative methods!
GCF Genesis Capital Group Corporation
Mr. Joseph Adams, CEO Genesis Capital invests in the growth of China’s economy. It takes an entrepreneurial approach to invest in top teams and companies that leverage information technology to improve efficiency for consumers, and for businesses. The company partners with its portfolio companies to manage growth, attract talent, drive excellence and continuous innovation to become no.1 in their industries.

Deepali Singla,

Co-founder & CEO

Healthsoul is a virtual home where users share and review their healthcare experiences. A home that they can trust and find the best healing touch advice.

Shadi Bakour,

CEO & Co-founder

After extensive research on the most viable solutions to our plastic pollution crisis, the PATHWATER team decided to combine sustainability in the form of an easy to refill, wide mouth reusable,100% recyclable bottle with convenient, affordable filtered water.
APiS North America LLC
Dr. Lynn M. Johnson, President APiS North America's mission is to revolutionize how its clients leverage FMEAs within their risk management & functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes through its offering of innovative, high quality software products, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service.

Jennifer Sethre,

Founder & CEO

Intry’s patented solution uses Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically generate customized resumes for job seekers that highlight their best skill while directly matching their application to the exact specification of individual job posts.
Xavier Gobert, CEO MyData-Trust supports Life Sciences Industry in leveraging compliance related to Data Protection. MyData-Trust is composed of a multi-disciplinary team including data privacy lawyers, IT security specialists and life sciences experts.
E3 Metals Corp

Chris Doornbos,

Founder & CEO

E3 Metals Corp is a lithium company. The company's goal is to produce battery quality lithium products to power the growing electrical revolution. Being based in Alberta, it is developing a project on the backbone of the mature and sophisticated oil industry that will allow E3 to catapult its development.


CEO & Founder

JawsTec prints prototypes and small to medium production runs of many different plastics. JawsTec is committed to providing high-quality parts at an affordable price. It offers in-house designing for your prototyping needs and special pricing for production pieces.
Boston Hempire

Brandon Gadles,

CEO & Co-founder

Boston Hempire is an online wholesale distributor and retail provider of industrial hemp and CBD products. Its CBD rich products are sourced from the best hemp farms in the United States and are fully insured. The company is a 100% legal entity under the 2018 Farm Bill.
GrowthCell Global Corp

Vernon Parkhurst,

Co-founder & Managing Consultant

GrowthCell is a patented Ingredient and quality Guarantee for People & PetsGrowthCell’s Amino Acid Complex has the capability of cell rejuvenation and increased cellular signalling along with the reduction of free radicals in the body.
Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.

Jeff Dawley,

Founder & CEO

While many providers specialize in penetration testing, threat risk assessments or attack remediation, the Cybersecurity Pulse™ solutions focuses on educating the organization and its stakeholders, testing compliance and awareness, and providing real-time reporting on education, simulated attack campaigns and intrusion attempts.
Pollen Systems

Keith McCall,

Founder & CEO

Pollen Systems was founded in 2018 to apply advanced analytics to farming techniques. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, we are now operating in Washington, Oregon, California, Chile, Peru, and South Africa. If your region is not currently mentioned, please contact us and we will try to assist.

Kyle Hanslovan, Founder

Huntress is a leading provider of advanced threat detection and actionable cybersecurity information that delivers easy to follow remediation steps into your existing ticketing system. IT Departments & MSPs worldwide use Huntress to enable their junior IT staff to confidently address cybersecurity incidents that slip past their preventive security stack.
Solay App

Amanda Abbott,

Founder & CEO

A global application-based technology inspired by a demanding market. Providing a means for reserving poolside & beachside loungers through advance or real-time reservations. Solay App removes the hassle & stress of unreserved poolside and beachside seating from the guest experience.

Bob Su,

Founder and CEO

0glasses is a developer of industrial augmented reality (AR) glasses and XR solution provider. Since its inception, the company has focused on serving the industrial market and has developed two generation of AR smart glasses, i.e. 0glasses Pro in 2016 and 0glasses Danny 1 in 2017.
Jeff Schmidt, CEO Avertium is the managed security and consulting provider that companies turn to when they want more than check-the-box cybersecurity. In today’s threat landscape, your not-so-standard processes, workflows, and vulnerabilities require more than just a standard approach to cybersecurity.

Barry Oberholzer,

Founder & CEO

X.Labs' X1 product protects innocent people from mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other violence. A full-featured proprietary concealed weapon detection system, X1 features patented millimeter wave detection technology, facial recognition (optional) and advanced gunshot detection.

Lonny Ostrander & Chris Timol,


PuzzleHR has decades of experience in Human Resource Outsourcing and it knows how difficult it is for companies to deploy the resources necessary to run their back office while implementing strategies to create and maintain an engaged workforce.