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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2021

50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Gould Industries
Frederico Panetta, CEO Gould Industries Ltd, a division of Panetta Empire, has a world-renowned reputation of quality, innovation, and production skills that defines it from others. Primarily producing private-brand janitorial and sanitation products, Gould is quickly expanding in the private label sector for packaging, cosmetics, baby care, and personal care.
Pioneer Landscape Centers
Paul Tudor, President Pioneer continues to grow, not just to better serve homeowners, but to provide additional value to contractors, builders, municipalities and businesses across the country through its professional commercial, wholesale and industrial divisions. 
KW Cupertino
Joey DeBenedetto, CEO Keller Williams has invested a billion dollars into building the best technology the real estate industry has ever seen. The company did this to make our agents job simpler, more connected and more human.
Capital Corp Merchant Banking
Gilles Herard, MD Capital Corp Merchant Banking offers the Award-winning comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help its clients obtain the funding they need for their project. 
The Beauty Academy
Phil Weaver, Founder & Art Director The Beauty Academy is the number one ‘Hair Styling and Esthetics’ training organization in Ontario. Its curriculum and hands-on practical training are designed to meet and exceed today’s employers’ needs, make the learning process efficient, effective, and practical, and help students develop life-long educational resources.
Miller Interior Design
Keith Miller, Interior Designer & Principal Miller Interior Design listens deeply to integrate your unique personality into interior environments that look amazing, function properly and feel just like you. 
Kresten Juel Jensen, Co-founder & CEO Motosumo is a Denmark-based live, interactive, connected fitness cycling platform that works instantly on any stationary bike, anywhere. The company has teamed up with a network of world-class instructors to create a global offering of live, daily classes.
US Claims
Steve Bashmakov, CEO USClaims is a pre-settlement financing firm offering financial services to personal injury victims of auto accidents, workplace and construction accidents, premises liability, and medical malpractice. USClaims is one of the oldest and most established pre-settlement finance firms in the country.

  Louis M. Alterman, CEO & President

Stratix is the trusted advisor for many industry leading global enterprises, offering the most comprehensive managed mobile services portfolio to operationalize and deliver full value for its clients’ mobile investments.
Christal Bemont, CEO Talend, a leader in data integration and data integrity, is changing the way the world makes decisions. Talend Data Fabric is the only platform that seamlessly combines an extensive range of data integration and governance capabilities to actively manage the health of corporate information.
Visual Edge IT
Austin Vanchieri, Chairman & CEO Visual Edge IT strives to adapt its business to serve its customers’ changing needs. And, through strategic planning we have become one of the largest providers of leading-edge business technology solutions.
Tucker Moore Group, LLP
Charles Tucker Jr,  Managing Partner

The Tucker Moore Group, LLP is a trusted personal injury, employment and civil rights law firm. Its experienced personal injury attorneys can help you fight for compensation after an accident. The company is also well-versed in civil rights and employment law-trust us to protect your rights.

Pivotal Systems
John Hoffman, CEO Pivotal Systems provides best-in-class monitoring and process control technology for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its vision is to enable an order of magnitude increase in fab productivity and capital efficiency for current and future technology nodes.
Esposito Intellectual Enterprises
Brian J. Esposito, Founder & CEO Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE) is an ecosystem where it creates value. Value for the entities inside the holdings, and real tangible value for the entities we invite in.
James Waldrop, President & Owner HostMyCalls provides any size business PBX telephone system features and applications once only affordable to big business enterprises.
Airrosti Rehab Center LLC
Kelly Green, Co-founder & Board Chairman  Airrosti is a nationwide provider-led MSK solution, offering in-person and virtual care. The only MSK solution with over 17 years of experience and 1 million cases treated, Airrosti delivers significant savings to patients and plan sponsors through a 43% reduction in total episode cost.
Eclipse Corporation
Steve Luke, CEO Eclipse Corporation has developed innovative solutions that incorporate electronic forms, workflow automation, and enterprise content management to bring about real operational savings, workflow efficiencies and marketplace advantages. 
Grid Worldwide
Nathan Reddy, Founder & Chairman GRID Worldwide is South Africa’s most awarded studio, creating and rebranding some of the most iconic brands around the world. The company is connecting its approach and philosophy to a global audience that it has successfully begun to implement in the last 10 years.
Thilo Rottach, CTO As an IT consultancy, adorsys covers the entire innovation lifecycle, and its products and services reflect its professional competence and the strong partnerships it haswith key players in the industry.
Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp
Larry Nolan, Founder & CEO Hardcore Fitness is results. Period. The company has combined the benefits of multiple group fitness approaches into a single, high energy workout experience that sculpts, builds and conditions to achieve your best self, class after class. 
Joyce Lee, CEO & Co-founder OneAD, one of the AdTech titans in Taiwan advertising industry, believes the rich "graphs" across the open internet are the optimum approach to accomplish digital brand building task. 
Big Health
 Peter Hames, Co-Founder & CEO Big Health’s mission is to help millions back to good mental health by providing safe and effective non-drug alternatives for the most common mental health conditions including insomnia and anxiety.
Dan Prince, Founder & CEO ILLUMISOFT's proven process has led to a 100% success rate due to the devotion it puts towards helping improve the lives of patients through technology. Changing the lives of families, patients, teams, and providers is what keeps the ILLUMISOFT motivated day in and out.
Red Rock Entertainment Ltd
Gary Collins, CEO Red Rock Entertainment primarily works on projects that are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing. Its sole focus is on film and TV projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a sound financial structure.
AnyDesk Software GMBH
Philipp Weiser, CEO AnyDesk was founded in Germany in 2014, and its unique remote desktop access software has been downloaded by more than 400 million users worldwide, adding another 14 million every month. 
Rick Bentley, Founder & CEO Cloudastructure has been a proven leader in cloud video surveillance systems for close to 20 years. Its cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies can be customized to your needs and deployed easily and securely across the enterprise.  
Ashley Cook, CEO & Founder ZOCCAM is a mobile application that allows consumer home buyers or real estate agents to send their funds via mobile remote deposit capture to the title company or settlement service provider. Completely remote, no drive time needed; no catch, and is free to the homebuyer. 
Christopher (Kip) Turco, Co-founder & CEO StackPath is an edge cloud platform, providing cloud services that are physically closer to end users than core cloud providers’ services. 
BDx Data Centers
Braham Singh, CEO Big Data Exchange (BDx) is a Pan Asian data center cluster with sites throughout Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore. Its unique hybrid cloud, connectivity and colocation solutions offer unparalleled security and reliability for the IT infrastructure of its global clientele
Gil Santaliz, CEO & founder NJFX owns and operates a 64,800 square foot purpose-built Tier 3 Cable Landing Station (CLS) Colocation facility and 58-acre campus in Wall, NJ strategically located 64 ft above sea level and hurricane 5 resistant.
Baskar Agneeswaran, Co-founder & CEO Vajro is a cloud based Mobile Commerce platform which let's E-commerce create mobile shopping apps for their stores. Its vision is to make it easy for businesses to create and deliver content for their mobile audience and make it easy for end users to consume those content and perform transactions on the go.
Bright Diva International Ltd
Anup Agarwal, Director Bright Diva is a well-established & fastest growing distributor in the field of cosmetics, beauty care, personal care, perfumes & FMCG products in Hong Kong, China & Macau. Its mission is to provide consumers with precisely based, high quality products and treatments to satisfy their head-to-toe beauty needs. 
Yves Prevoo, Founder & CEO easee is not only offering an eye exam, but a moment of clarity. An enlightening moment that improves the quality of your life.
Kyle Jones, COO & Co-founder iCRYO launched in October 2015 and is setting the standard for the cryotherapy industry. Education, training, and safety are the 3 keys to the success of this business. 
Luminas Strategy
D. Keith Pigues, Founder & CEO Luminas supports organizational leaders to develop winning customer and stakeholder value propositions. It enables its clients to understand what they do that delivers differential value and identify new opportunities to create more value in the future. 
Cristian Campan, Commercial Product Lead HowToBet is sharing its expert ethical betting knowledge with people so that they can have a winning chance. The betting guides on the platform guide and coach people to bet the right way on many sports, including basketball, football, golf, baseball, MMA, racing, tennis, and ice hockey.
Sunland Home Care & Medical
Traci Beagley, Founder & CEO Sunland's mission is to inspire, educate and connect gifted care professionals to seniors and to provide support to enhance the relationship of its team and clients. The company values excellence, humility, personal development and service to others.
Africure Pharmaceuticals
Sinhue Noronha, CEO Africure is a Pharmaceutical Company that is committed to improving African health by creating a series of Manufacturing Assets and developing Technical Capabilities in Sub Saharan Africa.
Gene Yoo, CEO Resecurity is an American cybersecurity company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company provides next-generation endpoint protection and intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions to leading Fortune 500 corporations and governments worldwide.

Rob Chepak, Co-founder & CEO TruDoss is a digital platform that speeds decision-making and execution in asset supply chains based on a rare presentation of historical and real-time data. TruDoss includes a SaaS-enabled, display-and-review database with distributed ledger (blockchain) node. 
Tamir Baasanjav, CEO & Founder OBORTECH is an easy to participate and simple to use unified communication and data exchange hub underpinned by blockchain and IoT for supply-chain.
Officium Labs
Jonathan Shroyer, Co-Founder & CEO Officium Labs helps brands deliver incredible customer experiences. The company is a global collection of industry leaders and experts that are building the future of customer experience (CX). 
Next Meats Holdings Ltd.
Ryo Shirai, CEO, Next Meats Holdings, Ltd.
Hideyuki Sasaki, CEO, Next Meats Co, Ltd.
Next Meats is a food-tech company specializing in the development of alternative meats and proteins. With the mission of “not letting the earth end”, the company aims to reduce the demand for livestock (meat) and excessive animal agriculture around the world. 
Mpowered Health
Nandini Devi, Founder & CEO Mpowered Health, in recognizing that consumer empowerment cannot be a zero-sum game, enables healthcare organizations to serve their consumers more effectively and achieve their organizational goals.
SCIO Automation GmbH
Michael Goepfarth, CEO By applying SCIO's expert services as a system integrator using new digital-age solutions, SCIO helps its customers to automate production and logistics processes to achieve superior efficiency.
Wool & Water LLC
Jeff Bodzewski, CEO Wool & Water LLC helps brands create new sales channels and generate revenue by putting the digital consumer experience first. It serves as extensions to internal marketing and sales teams and bridges to external agencies. 
Neil Serebryany, CEO CalypsoAI accelerates the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by ensuring the security and reporting of Machine Learning (ML) models. It delivers AI solutions that are ready to be deployed safely and securely across business and society.
Jes Trygved, CEO Cessatech’s business model offers unique, scalable economic value creation by identifying and developing drugs with a short time to market and risk-reduced profile. 
Cybeart Inc
Krutik Patel, Founder & CEO Founded and established in Toronto, Canada; Cybeart is the Gaming Merchandise Company established with a vision to provide all gamers and non-gamers with the most comfortable and premium high quality products.
Alchemy Crew Ltd
Sabine VanderLinden, Co-founder, CEO & Managing Partner Alchemy Crew is a venture commercialization lab for the insurance sector and financial services institutions. Using open innovation, ecosystem thinking, and parallel digital experimentation techniques, it collaborates to accelerate the curation, validation, and exploitation of new products and services.