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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2021

30 Best CEOs of the Year 2021

Company Management Description

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial

Marsha J. Naegeli, Founder & CEO Over the years, with her industry wisdom and adaptability, Marsha J. Naegeli has guided her company to be the driving force for cutting-edge litigation technology -- something that has proven vital during the current pandemic. 

Lanner Electronics USA Inc

Terence Chou, GM With the breadth and depth of Terence Chou's experience, under his stewardship of Lanner USA since 2016, the company has embarked on a growth path, making inroads into new networking technology areas while upholding its core competencies of quality, efficiency, and innovation.


Joe Caserta, President Joe Caserta is an internationally recognized public speaker, entrepreneur, and technologist. Over the last three decades, he has progressed from transaction systems to dimensional data warehousing to big data analytics to innovative and advanced data analytics applications.

Data Connectors

Dawn Morrissey, Founder & CEO Dawn Morrissey, Founder & CEO, expects to branch out and solidify the company's standing as the largest cybersecurity community in North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

Hologenix LLC (Celliant)

Seth Casden, CEO & Co-founder Seth Casden earned a degree in Business Administration and worked in private equity. His mission is to innovate responsive textiles that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Cleversoft GmbH

Florian Clever, CEO In 1999, Florian Clever set up Clever Software Solutions, laying the foundations for today’s cleversoft group, which he has led ever since. Today, Florian is responsible for business development, strategy, and M&A.


Gordon Shevlin, Founder & CEO Gordon Shevlin has been dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of information security professionals through his volunteer work with ISSA.  Among his many roles, Gordon has been President and Vice President of the ISSA Silicon Valley Chapter, CFO of ISSA International, and has held board positions for three consecutive terms.


Andrew Konya, Co-founder & CEO Andrew Konya is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Remesh. Andrew aims to make the world better by solving problems at the intersection of people, math and computers.

Rethink First

Daniel A. Etra, CEO We are committed to inspire and empower individuals with developmental disabilities and those who support them,’ says Daniel A. Etra, CEO of Rethink

American Data Plates Inc

Tammy Frazier, CEO “We handle your needs with our most diverse manufacturing line, skilled, and knowledgeable staff to ensure your product is completed with strategic precision,” says CEO Tammy Frazier.

Diligent Robotics

Andrea Thomaz, CEO & Co-founder Andrea Thomaz is a renowned social robotics expert. She co-founded Diligent Robotics to pursue her vision of creating socially intelligent robot assistants that collaborate with humans by doing their chores so humans can have more time for the work they care most about. 

Advanced Licensing LLC

John Bellave, CEO John Bellave, the CEO of Advanced Licensing LLC, is a well-respected leader and innovator amongst his peers and colleagues. He’s dedicated 15 years to great service and developing ground-breaking businesses and business opportunities for a multitude of partners and organizations. 


José David Ospina, Co-founder & CEO With 15 years of experience in the aerospace sector, José David Ospina has worked in simulation projects and training to train cabin crew for passengers, simulation with Virtual and Augmented Realities for training processes, development of aeronautical parts, and quality processes for the industry. 

Majestyk Apps

Sean O’Shea, Founder Sean has worked with a diverse array of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, IBM, and Pepsi. Sean’s top priority as the founder is to ensure each of his clients achieves success through well-designed, easy-to-use digital products.

Chris Dreyer, President & Founder Most personal injury attorneys struggle to rank at the top of the search results. That’s why I am here to help elite personal injury law firms generate the motor vehicle and serious injury cases through Google’s organic search results,” says Chris Dreyer.


Joanna Shields, CEO Joanna Shields is passionate about creating responsible technology that benefits humanity. She is a leading advocate for children's rights and safety online and founder of the WeProtect Global Alliance, and a Life Peer of the House of Lords.

Business Change Leader

Joe Rafter, CEO As the CEO of Business Change Leaders Inc., Joe Rafter is deeply committed to helping the clients implement digital strategies and the leadership breakthroughs that are required for sustainable success.

Real Estate IQ

Steve Liang, Co-founder & CEO Steve Liang is a national speaker on PropTech and Spiritual Capitalism. His life’s work is to challenge and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to take massive action and positively impact the world.

FZ Engineering Inc

Frederic Poulin, President & CEO
“No matter what industry, FZ’s technologies will pave your way towards a new era of sustainable manufacturing, improving the performance and mechanical properties of your parts or assemblies, and allowing you to create products that could have never been created before,” says Frederic Poulin, President & CEO.


Avetis Antaplyan, Founder & CEO Avetis Antaplyan is a Technologist, Entrepreneur, Recruiting Executive, Investor and Go-Giver. He built several successful companies both as an executive and founder as well as scaling and growing his clients’ companies by hiring the best tech talent in the world.

BINGE Networks

Bonnie Bruderer, Founder Bonnie Bruderer is a unique, passionate, talented entrepreneur. Her extensive resume spans from being a successful entrepreneur, certified corporate performance coach, business marketing strategist, renowned speaker, branding consultant, senior mentor for ‘The Anthony Robbins Companies & Life Mastery’ event director in Namale, Fiji to 4x Author, Triathlete & Ironman Finisher, to name a few. 


Katie Horvath, President & CEO Katie Horvath has been recognized at the United States Congress with a leadership award for innovative business models. She is believed to be the only woman CEO in Big Data in North America.

Valor Compounding Pharmacy

Rick Niemi, Founder & CEO A natural-born leader and entrepreneur, Mr. Niemi has been a pioneer in the industry and a trusted partner for many years. Mr. Niemi’s journey includes retail and closed-door pharmacy ownership (with an emphasis on medication adherence for ambulatory patients), pharmacy automation sales and consulting in the western United States, and now compounding pharmacy. 

AseptiScope Inc

Scott Mader, Co-founder & CEO ‘We’re Driven to Bring Forward Novel Solutions that Ensure Infection Protection for Clinician and Patient,’ says Scott Mader, Co-founder & CEO.

T Bridge Venture Partners

Fope Oluleye, Founder Fope Oluleye has experience in building multi million pound companies from the age of 21. He strongly believes in co-creating with partners and entrepreneurs having a nurturing environment to support growth.


Joanna Riley, Co-founder & CEO Prior to founding Censia, Joanna Riley was the co-founder and CEO of 1-Page, a SaaS solutions provider in the Talent Acquisition sector. In 2014 she led 1-Page to a successful IPO and onto the S&P/ASX 300 by 2016. Ms. Joanna was named one of the 100 highest-ranking women in tech in 2017. 

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc (MIS3 Inc)

Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO In addition to being a business leader, Neil Mistry is a motivator and consultant with exceptional proven experience in technology and business consulting. He helps clients utilize existing technology investments and leverages transformational platforms such as cloud while providing thought-leadership around governance and security.


Tristan Schukraft, President & CEO Tristan Schukraft loves new experiences - travel is his passion.  An aviation enthusiast; Schukraft has been to 99 countries, travelled millions of miles and still gets excited to fly on an airplane.

Ninth Wave Inc

George Anderson, Founder & CEO An expert on information management and the implementation of technology to solve business problems across the banking and finance industries, George Anderson has authored several books and articles on enterprise architecture, relational database design, Internet development, and high-performance computing.

Finavator INC

Michelle Beyo, CEO & Founder Michelle Beyo’s background in telecoms, e-commerce, payments prepaid, and loyalty programs nurtures her passion for the world of tech. She has 20 years of extensive industry experience, driving innovation across the retail and payments industries.