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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2019

50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2019


Company Management Description

Jim Owens,

President & CEO

Cisive is a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions. The company’s core onboarding and pre-employment background screening offering provides clients with a streamlined, high quality, and regulatory compliant solution.
Nikolay Kurayev, CEO Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development. Among our customers are Walmart, IBM, Nestle, eBay and NASA JPL, as well as many other large and midsize organizations located internationally.
Skybridge Americas, Inc.
Andrew J. Bosko, CEO The firm was founded in 1953 as a 3rd party product fulfillment provider, acquired by Carlson Marketing Services and ultimately Skybridge Americas. It provides high-touch, high-quality omnichannel contact center, product fulfillment, and ecommerce solutions.
Payment Asia

Harvey Chan,

Business Development Director

Payment Asia is the leading e-payment technology and e-business management company emphasizes in offering uncomplicated, secure and prompt payment processing network to domestic and global businesses alike.
GCC Services
Rashad Sinokrot, CEO GCC SERVICES is an internationally renowned and respected quality service provider of integrated facilities management, construction and engineering and supply logistics service solutions. We support project operators, contractors and humanitarian organizations in their operations everywhere, every day.

Kishore Seendripu,

Co-founder, Chairman, President & CEO

MaxLinear is a global, New York Stock Exchange-traded company where the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. It is a fabless system-on-chip product company, designing highly integrated, radio-frequency, and mixed-signal Communications ICs for broadband and infrastructure applications.
Agenor Technology
Gary Montgomery, CEO Formed in 2006, Agenor Technology is an award-winning IT Services company with a strong track record of successfully delivery complex, large-scale IT infrastructure programmes on behalf of clients.
Sandeep Bagaria, CEO Tagit is an award-winning digital solutions company, specialised in providing omnichannel digital engagement solutions for leading banks and governments across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The Company works closely with clients to develop and implement a holistic roadmap that is aligned to their business objectives and brings their digital strategy to life.

Wayne Sawchuk,

President and CEO

At ColoSpace, we know how important a solid IT infrastructure is to the success of your business. With a myriad of services available, from outsourced data centers and managed services, to enterprise cloud solutions and more, we can help your business run more efficiently.
Ballard Chalmers

Geoff Ballard,

Co-founder & CTO Andrew Chalmers, Co-founder & MD

Ballard Chalmers is one of the UK’s leading custom software engineering companies, specialising in enterprise applications on the Microsoft Platform.

Greg Erhahon,

Founder & CEO

KompiTech is a global technology and IT services provider and consultancy supporting our clients'‚Äč IT management needs in 58 countries around the world.
Nimbus Data

Thomas Isakovich,

CEO & Founder

Nimbus Data helps hundreds of world-leading companies accelerate data storage, simplify data management, and improve data protection for cloud infrastructure, analytics, AI, rich content, scientific computing, and much more.

Tod Nielsen,

President & CEO

FinancialForce delivers the #1 professional services automation (PSA) and the only customer-centric ERP. We accelerate business value with comprehensive best practices and the most intelligent analytics—all on the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce.
D3 Banking
Mark Vipond, CEO D3 Banking Technology’s digital banking platform provides financial institutions with the power to control their digital future. The function-rich digital solutions are built using hundreds of banking features that provide banks and credit unions with the flexibility, scalability and agility that is needed to compete in the modern digital banking landscape.
AkashTakyar, CEO LeewayHertz is one of the first few companies to build and launch a commercial app on Apple's App Store. Our team of certified designers and developers has designed and developed more than 100 digital platforms on Mobile, Cloud, AI, IoT and Blockchain.
Clearfield, Inc.
Cheri Beranek, CEO Clearfield, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes fiber optic management products, helping our customers reduce the high costs associated with deploying, managing, protecting and scaling a fiber optic network to deliver mobile, residential and business services.

Jim Cooney,

President & CEO

PriMedia is one of the very few agencies on the planet, from sea to shining sea, who can actually give you advice and shepherd you and your brand along, based on spending millions of our own dollars on advertising and turning that into many millions more, over many, many years. “Been there, earned that” expertise that we bring to the table as a “value-added” extra to our working relationship with you.
Transmural Biotech

David Fernandez, Co-founder & MD,

Silvia Sánchez, Director

A spin-off of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona, TMB is a young enterprise made up of engineers and biomedical researchers with well-demonstrated experience in the development of biomedical/clinical solutions.
Interpace Diagnostics
Jack Stover, CEO Interpace Diagnostics Group is providing personalized medicine through molecular diagnostics and innovation. Its unique molecular diagnostic tests enable healthcare providers to avoid unnecessary surgeries and better assess the risk of cancer progression in patients.
Bojorge & Associates Law Firm
Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zúñiga, Founder Bojorge & Associates combines its skills and training with our dedication to detail .It combines its responsiviness to provide outstanding legal services to its clients. Speed and Sensitivity.
Ledson Hotel - Ledson Winery & Vineyards
Steve Ledson, Owner Located in the heart of Sonoma Valley, a short one hour drive north of San Francisco, Ledson is like a gothic blast from the past out of acres of rolling vineyards and pastoral calm, our 16,000 square foot French Normandy winery is known as "The Castle" around the world.
Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc

Adrian Heredia,

Marketing & Digital Media Lead Associate

Kaneka Corporation of Osaka, Japan is a $5 billion* producer of chemical products including resins, pharmaceutical intermediaries, food supplements, synthetic fibers, and fine chemicals. Kaneka Corporation was established in 1949 when its main products were caustic soda, soap, cosmetics, edible oils and electric wires.
Intellect SEEC
Pranav Pasricha, CEO Intellect SEEC leverages next generation technologies to solve complex insurance problems and create intelligent solutions that deliver results.

Daphna Nissenbaum,

CEO & CO-founder

TIPA has developed revolutionary biodegradable packaging solutions for the food industry. These unique packaging solutions degrade biologically in up to 180 days in industrial compost – compared to regular common plastic packages that degrade in dozen of years.
Scientific Cal Ag

Anthony Hall,

President & CEO

By combining data collected in farms across the globe, Scientific Cal Ag can continuously improve its diagnostics and suggestions. For farmers attempting to identify crop deficiencies, an effective and timely process is imperative to maximize crop yield.
USA Staffing Services
Matthew Kolinski, CEO With a national presence and decades of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, USA Staffing Services offers a comprehensive suite of services from payroll administration and funding to accounts receivable, human resources and risk management.
Cura Foundation

Dr. Robin L. Smith,

MD, MBA, President & Chairman of the Board

The Cura Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in their respective fields, providing vision and leadership to the Foundation. The Board oversees the work of the foundation and shapes the Foundations mission and vision.
Risk Based Security

Jake Kouns,

Co-founder & CISO

Risk Based Security (RBS) provides detailed information and analysis on Data Breaches and Vulnerability Intelligence. Our products, Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) and VulnDB, provide organizations access to the most comprehensive threat intelligence knowledge bases available, including advanced search capabilities, access to raw data via API, and email alerting to assist organizations in taking the right actions in a timely manner.
Ash Mehta, CEO PatientClick™ is an easy to use web based EMR system that saves physician offices time and money while improving patient care and staff efficiency. PatientClick allows access to a web based multi-platform (mac, pc, smartphone, and iPad) application, easy to navigate interface, customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multi-provider communication tools.
Flaum Navigators

Sander A. Flaum,

Founder & Principal

Flaum Navigators accelerates your pharma marketing business growth through transformational ideas that are iconic, pristine and hardwired to marketing and sales effectiveness.
Global Mindset
Skip Bowman, CEO Global Mindset is a consulting company dedicated to helping leaders and organisations reach their fullest potential. We transform global organizations by developing leaders individually and collectively to breakthrough existing ways of thinking and behaving.

Tim Barry,

Co-founder & CEO

VillageMD is a leading provider of healthcare for organizations moving toward a primary care-led, high-value clinical model. The VillageMD solution provides the tools, technology, operations, and staffing support needed for physicians to drive the highest quality clinical results across a population.
Equation Technologies

Erica Burles,

Founder & President

Equation Technologies provides business management solutions for mid-sized companies. The company makes carefully crafted recommendations from among the industry's best-performing ERP software.

Adeel Ahmed,

Co-founder & CEO

netnology is a team of smart, passionate, and experienced network and software engineers and architects providing professional services and software development and automation services of next generation SDNFV, Data Center, Cloud, Security and Analytics technologies and architectures.
Trunomi Ltd
Shawn Brown, CEO Trunomi is the multi-award-winning Consent Management and Personal Data Rights Platform driving a new level of transparency and trust between business and consumers.
Ideia Big Data

Dr. Mauricio Moura,

Founder & CEO

Ideia's goal is to help itsclients solve problems, make strategic decisions and communicate with their stakeholders directly and with high efficiency
Magued Eldaief, CEO Prescient’s digital design-build system is an efficient, collaborative, turnkey approach used to design and build multi-unit housing and hotel structures.
Brackendale Consulting
Fay Margo, Founding CEO Brackendale is a multilingual marketing and communications agency specialising in public relations and investor marketing support for private equity houses.
Thrive Bioscience

Thomas Forest Farb, President,

Co-founder, & Board Director

Thrive Bioscience™ is an early-stage life science analytical and automation technology company based in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. Founders and leadership of the company are an experienced team composed of industry leaders with successful track records for developing new lab instrumentation from concept through commercialization.

Fabia Silva,

Founder & CEO

Dronak is formed by different interconnected work areas around the world of drones. The firm is constantly evolving to be a benchmark company in the drone world.
Denver Insurance LLC

Paul Schweger,

Founder & Principal Insurance Agent

We represent YOU first! Our Mission is to provide you with affordable HOME, LIFE, BUSINESS & AUTO insurance with superior customer service, and Mile High standards in expertise. A Denver Insurance policy may be one of the best financial decisions you can make for your family.
Euro Exim Bank Ltd.

Graham Bright,

Head of Compliance and Operations

Euro Exim Bank is a revolutionary financial institution with a ‘Class A’ international banking license from Financial Services Regulatory Authority of St. Lucia and a member of the Caribbean Association of Banks. We have established offices in London and St. Lucia.
Russ Berkoff, President StealthPath uniquely provides defense-in-depth in an information/operations technology environment teeming with ever-changing cyber threats, including highly sophisticated attacks financed by hostile nation states.
GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Siva Reddy,

Founder & Managing Director

GND Solutions is a specialist in delivering end to end IoT solutions across Telecom, Industrial, Logistics, Home Automation, Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture segments. It has proven track record of delivering Innovative solutions to global fortune 500 companies.

Brent Oster,

President & CEO

ORBAI is an early stage company based in Santa Clara, CA. It is focused on creating artificial intelligence that can work for humanity. This AI is implemented in applications ranging from intelligent, conversational 3D human characters in games, VR, and AR, to life-size interactive holographic persons, to full-on, intelligent, humanoid androids in the near future.
Core Scientific
B. Kevin Turner, CEO Core Scientific is a leader in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence hosting, transaction processing and application development. In an increasingly distributed and connected world, we believe Blockchain and AI will fundamentally change the way information is processed, shared and stored across a range of industries.
Muddu Sudhakar, CEO AISERA helps make businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like user experience for support and operations. We have built the world’s first AISM solution for IT, HR, Customer Service, Facilities, and IT/Cloud Operations.

Nicolas Genest,

Founder & CEO

CodeBoxx is the school that knows how to teach high-performance tools and best practices of coding and technologies to all profiles of individuals with its modern means and adapted methods.
João Lima Pinto, CEO ITSCREDIT is a software company specialized in credit solutions and their implementation. With highly qualified team having over 15 years of experience in credit, we are equipped with a Credit Platform that is fully automated to complement the stages of a loan origination process.

Ben Lamm,

Founder & CEO

We are Hypergiant. A guiding light for Fortune 500 companies. Analyzing data. Teaching machines to teach themselves. Merging with partners to create powerful technology solutions and smarter, more efficient human workforces.