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30 Most Influential Companies Of 2022

30 Most Influential Companies of 2022

What do you mean by influence? To make it clear, manipulation is not influencing in any way. Great companies make a positive impact on society because great leaders lead them. And such companies usually influence their customers and the industry as a whole. These companies are built upon the traits or characteristics that motivate every other business to give its best. Introducing you to such influencing entities, below listed companies are driven by excellent leaders, strategists and have a clear motive to make this world a better place.

Company Management Description
Dr. Leslie Mancuso,
President & CEO
Jhpiego is a nonprofit global leader in the creation and delivery of transformative health care solutions for the developing world. In partnership with national governments, health experts and local communities, the organization builds health providers’ skills, and develop systems that save lives now and guarantee healthier futures for women and their families.
VRP Consulting
Will Lamb,
From discovery, design, delivery and support; you can rely on VRP Consulting to seamlessly blend into your team. The company understands the complexities of your industry and business size. It delivers across the entire Salesforce platform.
Oli Green,
Tangent is a digital product agency with a 100-strong team of strategists, designers and engineers working from hubs around the world. The company solves digital challenges and craft memorable customer experiences through product design, engineering, and conversion rate optimisation.
Taradel LLC
Jim Fitzgerald,
Founder & CEO
Taradel’s® mission today remains unchanged. Its industry leading technology, support team and partnership with the USPS® provide all of the tools and creative firepower today’s marketer needs to easily execute multichannel marketing campaigns quickly and affordably.
Moove It
Ariel Ludueña,
Board Member & CEO
Moove It products are developed with the intention of remaining the highest quality no matter how much our client scales in growth. The company uses the latest technology, methodology and the best practices to deliver ever-evolving quality.
Susan Cook,
Zaloni is an award-winning data management company. Its DataOps software platform, Arena, streamlines data pipelines through an augmented catalog, automated governance, and self-service consumption to reduce IT costs, accelerate analytics, and standardize security.
New Breed
Patrick Biddiscombe,
As a revenue performance management firm, New Breed helps improve the way businesses acquire, retain and expand customers through tech-enabled marketing, sales and customer success solutions.
Nimbus Data
Thomas Isakovich,
Founder & CEO
Nimbus Data is a leader in scalable and high-performance flash memory solutions for cloud infrastructure, AI, digital content, HPC, virtualization, databases, and much more.
Jan Viviani,
Voxy is an innovative and flexible digital English language learning solution that has been used successfully by over four million learners and hundreds of corporate clients around the world.
Brad Brooks,
TigerConnect is the only solution that combines a consumer-like user experience for both clinical and patient communication with serious security, privacy, and clinical workflow requirements that today’s healthcare organizations demand. TigerConnect accelerates productivity, reduces costs, and improves patient outcomes.
Dispersive Holdings,Inc.
Rajiv Pimplaskar,
President & CEO
Dispersive provides accelerated, private and secure virtual networking for cloud, branch, mobile device and embedded IoT. Its radically different, cloud native approach to virtual networking delivers new levels of security, reliability, and performance and provides a foundation for innovation and transformation across industry verticals.
iObeya Inc
Cyril Daloz,
Founder & CEO
iObeya is an enterprise platform that virtualizes meeting rooms dedicated to all Visual Management practices. It offers a unique, life-like and immersive user experience, unlocking the constraints of paper for a seamless digital transition.
Civitas Learning
Will Ballard,
Civitas Learning is an intelligent student success platform to equip your team with real-time insights and workflow solutions to support the entire student lifecycle, achieve equitable outcomes and build sustainable institutions today and tomorrow.
Aspiration Partners
Andrei Cherny,
CEO & Co-founder
Aspiration is in the business of fighting the climate crisis. The company helps people and businesses build sustainable impact into what they do every day by making it easy, automated, and powerful -- whether it is in the ways people spend and save their money or the ways businesses engage their customers and employees.
Adrien Menard,
Co-founder & CEO
Botify is an enterprise software company that helps brands turn organic search into an efficient, measurable, and sustainable channel for both traffic and revenue growth.
Paul Butcher,
HostedBizz is a 100% Canadian-based and 100% Canadian-hosted integrated technology solutions provider for small and medium sized businesses. Its suite of hosted, business critical, IT applications and managed services remove the technical challenges and reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and application ownership.
Tasso Argyros,
Founder & CEO
ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset.
Matt Ellis,
Founder & CEO
Measurabl helps innovative companies measure, manage and disclose their ESG performance, assess their portfolio’s exposure to physical climate risk, and gain access to additional services such as certification and data assurance.
Bryn Jones,
CEO & Co-founder
PartnerStack enables companies to reach more customers through partnerships. The platform enables some of the fastest growing companies like Asana, Intuit and Freshworks with the tools required to build, manage, and scale channel partner programs.
Rick Bates,
CEO & Founder
RxSense is a team of forward-thinking, experienced health and technology industry leaders building elegant solutions that simply work.
Ashutosh Garg,
CEO & Co-founder
Eightfold AI is the industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform that transforms how you hire, retain, and grow a diverse workforce. The company uses data to provide intelligence on what people are capable of doing instead of just what they have done in the past.
Andrew Bocskocsky,
Co-founder & CEO
Grata is a B2B search engine that helps private equity, investment banking, corporate development, and consulting teams find and target private companies.
Peter Ord,
Founder & CEO
GuideCX® is a client onboarding and implementation platform that keeps your clients at the center of every project by providing complete visibility into the work.
Barnabás Birmacher,
Co-founder & CEO
Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform build around industry-leading mobile CI/CD and DevOps tooling. Bitrise ensures confidence, velocity, and continuous improvement across the entire cycle of app value creation, delivery, and realization.
Dr. Jemma Green,
Co-founder & Executive
Powerledger is a fast growing tech #startup that has developed a world-first #blockchain enabled #energy and environmental commodity trading platform to make energy markets more efficient.
Virtualitics, Inc.
Michael Amori,
Co-founder & CEO
Virtualitics, Inc. is an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions, faster with ready-to-use AI that can be understood–by analysts and business leaders alike.
Total CollectR LLC
Jordan Akins,
Total CollectR is a white-label solution that empowers customers to resolve delinquent accounts using the communication channels they prefer. Leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence, its platform can help improve the customer experience, increase cash collections, and reduce costs.
Shekhar Gupta,
Founder & CEO
MyAnIML uses computer vision to analyze face and muzzle of a cow to predict diseases. In the traditional way, it costs over $15,000 in pinkeye treatment and over $41,000 loss in revenue to a 500 head herd. With MyAnIML, not only the cost is down significantly but the revenue actually goes up.
Ralf Wenzel,
JOKR is a global platform for instant grocery and retail delivery at a hyper-local scale. JOKR makes the shopping experience smarter, faster and more enjoyable, all while returning an extremely valuable asset back to the consumer: their time.
Further Advisory
Jeff Catalina,
CEO & Founder
Further Advisory is a boutique management consultancy focused on converting strategic vision into business reality. The team always goes the extra mile, equipping its clients with critical insights and plans for navigating challenges and accelerating change..