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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2020

50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2020


Company Management Description
Kastle Systems
Haniel J. Lynn, CEO Kastle operates and manages security systems for over 10,000 locations around-the-clock. Kastle's innovative outsourced security services including video, access and visitor management, significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers and tenants.
Cryogenic System & Parts
Jeff Walter, President For more than 30 years, molders and original equipment manufacturers in the rubber and elastomer industries have entrusted Cryogenic Systems & Parts to provide a product that will precisely deflash their injection molded, extrusion molded and compression molded parts.
Canon Business Process Services Inc
Joe Marciano, President & CEO Canon Business Process Services is helping its clients transform their current business processes, enabling them to be prepared to capitalize on industry trends as opportunities arise.
Dhiraj Sharan, Founder & CEO Query.AI is a decentralized data access and analysis technology that simplifies security investigations across disparate platforms without data duplication. Its technology runs directly from the analyst's browser and makes human investigations more efficient while reducing SIEM costs.
Rob Pollin, CEO & Founder PaymentVision is an industry leading financial technology firm that offers a PCI compliant payment gateway that helps businesses accept electronic payments via their own call center, automated phone systems, web, or integrated software payment API.
Morag Lucey, CEO Televerde helps global B2B organizations generate demand and accelerate sales through a combination of strategic data solutions, marketing technology and highly skilled sales professionals. Televerde has been a purpose-driven company providing education and career opportunities for incarcerated women both while in prison and after release.
Elite Connections International
Sherri Murphy, CEO & Founder Elite Connections is the most exclusive and preferred professional matchmaking service in the business, with over twenty-six years of unparalleled success. Its executive dating service has a proven track record of lasting matches, with thousands of happy clients and an A+ business rating.
Geoprise Technologies Corporation
Nelson M. Nones CPIM, Founder, Chairman & President Geoprise Technologies was formed in 1999 by a group of software executives with over a century of previous cumulative experience building enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and manufacturing operations management systems, and implementing them worldwide.
Leszek Rabiega, CEO "C&F provides solutions and technologies as well as top professionals and methodologies to help companies transform into modern data-driven organizations. C&F product portfolio has been designed for its clients to build and maintain a competitive advantage – blue oceans of value innovation. "
Business IT
Boris Arciniegas, Founder & CEO Business IT is one of the most innovative business groups, specializing in high-tech services, with a presence in several Latin American countries. The company has a team of more than 130 first-rate professionals for the execution of your projects. Business IT was founded in 2009, and it is based in Ecuador.
CIO Professional Services
Jeff Richards, Managing Partner CIO Professional Services assists Senior Executives in mid-size enterprises strengthen the integration between Business and IT. As proven CIO’s, the team helps you remove barriers, improve return on IT investment, while advancing your personal success, improve return on IT investment, while advancing your personal success.
James Mayfield, President Reservation Nexus is the most popular and most used all-in-one seamless reservation system for U.S. bed and breakfasts and inns. Founded in 2003 and launched in 2005, ResNexus has quickly become the innovation leader within the bed and breakfast lodging industry and a source of inspiration and revenue for bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels and lodges worldwide.
Gregory Webb, CEO AppViewX is revolutionizing the manner in which NetOps and SecOps teams deliver services to the rest of Enterprise IT. The AppViewX Platform is a modular, low-code software application that enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow.
IONIQ Sciences
Jared Bauer, CEO IONIQ's mission is to dramatically improve the cancer landscape with a modern solution for the early detection of multiple cancers thereby expanding the therapeutic window, significantly improving survivability, and reducing the cost of healthcare.
Civitas Learning
Chris Hester, CEO Civitas Learning is a student success company that helps colleges and universities harness the power of their student data to improve outcomes. Its connected infrastructure and software ensure that higher education can better coordinate student success strategies, deliver proactive, collaborative care, power holistic advising, and quickly measure what’s working for whom.
Remver IT Consulting
Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, Founder & CEO

REMVER Consulting is an IT Security, Risk, and Compliance firm. They help businesses Decrease Risk and Increase Resilience by reviewing and realigning their IT resilience program. They help businesses prepare against any future incidents that could have a catastrophic effect on their operations.REMVER's innovative solutions include End-to-End Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration Services, and IT Roadmap creation to adapt to today's global challenges. REMVER also helps businesses design and implement comprehensive Pandemic, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and IT Disaster Recovery Programs.Respond quickly and effectively to business disruptions with REMVER Consulting’s tailor-made solutions!

Nick Fugaro, Founder & CEO Vivastream derives meaningful insights and delivers them in ways that are readily understood, presented and shared. Instead of just having a lot of data on your hands, you’ll have the tools on hand to answer critical questions and make informed decisions.
Cambria Solutions
Robert Rodriguez, Founder & CEO Cambria delivers modernization initiatives with a unique human focus to long-term sustainability and quick adoption. Its mission is to help drive change and set organizations up for success every step of the way through our HumanGenuity® approach – ingenuity with a human touch
Fred-young & Evans
Emmanuel Ekpenyong Esq, CEO & Co-founder Fred-young & Evans LP is a full service commercial law firm in Nigeria dedicated to providing both local and international clients with prompt and effective legal services within the ethical standards of the legal profession. It consistently proffers commercially focused, time and cost effective as well as result oriented legal advice to challenging commercial transactions and disputes.
Cognitro AI
Amjad Zaim, Co-founder & CEO Cognitro AI aims to democratize AI, open data science and bring advanced analytics to transform industries. The company has built a track record in the AI space, solving complex problems across healthcare, insurance, finance, security, telecom, retail and transportation sectors.
Dave Excell, Founder & President Featurespace is the inventor of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and the award-winning ARIC Risk Hub. The company is globally recognized as the industry expert in combatting financial crime. Featurespace is dedicated to making the world a safer place for our clients and their customers.
BioFunctional Health Solutions
Brent Kruel, CEO Serving small businesses to Fortune 500 companies since 2008, BioFunctional Health Solutions is a goal-oriented innovators whose focus is on your employees’ performance and health. The company leverages hospital-grade protocols coupled with its proprietary processes and tools to deliver measurable, outcomes-focused solutions.


Dmytro Surdu, Co-founder, CEO, CTO Kray has created the world-first digital and fully unmanned drone crop sprayer that delivers on-demand fertilizers and pesticides right to farmers’ fields. Kray Protection UAS – the world most efficient industrial crop spraying drone. It is capable to process up to 1200 acres per day autonomously and meeting the EPA application safety requirements.
Introhive Services
Jody Glidden, Co-founder & CEO Introhive is an AI powered platform that leverages data automation and relationship intelligence to give sales and business development professionals time back in their week, improving productivity, increasing revenue and further reduces a businesses’ operational costs.
Kate DeGon, Founder & CEO ChangeSync is a cloud-based SaaS application explicitly built for change management practitioners. It is designed to manage, track, and report on change management progress with ease. With built-in AI, it helps change practitioners understand how their organization is trending through change, whether at the individual level, and/or rolled up to a department or company level.
Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO & Co-founder CognitiveScale is an enterprise AI software company with solutions that helps customers win with intelligent, transparent, and trusted AI/ML-powered digital systems. Its Cortex software and industry AI accelerators enable businesses to rapidly build, operate, and evolve intelligent, transparent, and trusted AI systems on any cloud.
Perfect Corp
Alice Chang, Founder & CEO Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a re-imagined consumer shopping experience.
33 Holdings
Sanjay Raghavaraju, Founder & CEO 33 Holdings is a private equity real estate firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We operate around the globe with investments and people in North America & Asia. The company seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors across cycles and over the long term.
Lions Assurance Financial
Ariel Tavor, MD Lions Financial’s solutions are customized to enable better business outcomes for our clients, unlike most point-solution providers, the team does not limit Lions Financial solutions to just Financial Strategy, or just Organization Strategy, or just Communications Strategy, or just Technology Strategy.
Essential Signing Agent Services LLC
Tara Latimer, Owner Essential Signing Services, a leading, Rhode Island-based provider of amenities notary public and signing agent services for the mortgage industry. The company is able to expedite the lengthy documentation process, help make sure all critical documents are filled out properly by clients and ensure loans are processed seamlessly and closed successfully in a timely manner.
Sam Maniv, President Conflowence is a company specializing in providing API Strategy and management, system integration, cloud and analytical services to other companies and private entrepreneurs to help them improve their businesses. It is able to analyze any activity and provide with the bulk of solutions how to decrease your expense, use hidden opportunities and what spheres are good for investment.
Mitch Thrower, Founder " is changing the world of events. The company helps event organizers save time and make more money while giving event-goers virtual and in-person experiences they'll love. "
Miku Jha, Founder & CEO "AgShift is an AI based food technology start-up working on designing world's most advanced autonomous food inspection system. AgShift's software blends patented Deep Learning models with Computer vision to make food inspections autonomous, consistent and standardized at scale. AgShift is empowering the world's largest food organizations to reduce global food loss and waste. "

Darin Brannan, President, CEO

and  Co-Founder

ClearDATA’s innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves their data management, and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling the industry to focus on making healthcare better by improving healthcare delivery, every single day.
atisfy (Game & Growth Marketing Genie)
Hersh Bhatt, CEO & Founder atisfy® and its subsidiaries offer complete 360-degree marketing and advertising services. atisfy® as a whole looks to customize solutions for its clients based on budget, requirements, and strategy, making it a good fit for all brands from SMBs to global enterprises.
Xerion Advanced Battery
John Busbee, CEO Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. has developed two novel technologies for use in the production of advanced rechargeable batteries: DirectPlate™, a manufacturing process, and StructurePore™, a nano-structured material.
R3 Stem Cell
David Greene, MD, MBA R3 Stem Cell is the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for several condition categories.
Flume Marketing
Sarah Bentley, Founder & MD FLUME believes in the power of potential. The company thinks differently and cares deeply. It delivers this by developing solutions to marketing challenges through embedded values of passion, integrity, responsibility and most importantly trust.
Varon Vehicles Corporation
Felipe Varon, CEO & Founder Varon Vehicles is leading an Urban Air Mobility ecosystem that brings together global stakeholders from the Urban Air Mobility / Advanced Air Mobility communnity to work on the unique requirements for Latin America, targeted towards placing into service of our disruptive transportation systems.
Stijn Vande Casteele, Co-founder & CEO Attack surfaces are large, complex and very rapidly growing, which makes it hard for organizations to keep track. The Sweepatic Platform helps organizations avoid cyberattacks and improve their cyber resilience, while saving them time and money.
Amped Lead Generation
Rick Orozco, Owner & CEO There are several companies that provide lead generation services for real estate, but one that stands out from the rest is Amped Lead Generation. The company is an innovative, web-based company that uses many websites in a geographic area to capture a high percentage of consumers searching for a mortgage or real estate online.
The Fontana Organization Inc
Bo Fontana, CEO DFL invests thematically in high-quality assets, focusing where it sees outsized growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends.
Martin Rowinski, CEO boardsi intends to be the company that executives are looking for to help revolutionize their businesses and set them on the path towards working in the Advisory role. The company wants to be a solution to all levels of businesses, hence we will gladly reach out to executives, irrespective of the size of their businesses.
Lila Benhammou, Founder & CEO " Founded in 2017, Humans4Help is specialized in the use of data for business. The company assists its clients in the implementation of a data strategy combining RPA technologies, data science and process knowledge"
Mike Kessler, Founder & CEO Tokenise is leading a new era in token offerings, creating a platform for tokenised securities. Tokenise aims to disrupt existing methodologies in equity, debt, tokenised assets, funds and securitisation, to facilitate direct ownership into tokenised securities and equity utlising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and creating transparency and liquidity for the investment community.
R3 Printing Inc
Paul Sieradzki, CEO & Head of Product "R3 Printer is a new standard in enterprise-grade 3D printing. It’s the additive manufacturing workhorse that on-demand manufacturing businesses have been waiting for. Its patent-pending innovations nearly double print speeds, massively increase the usable print volume, and virtually eliminate downtime compared to other extrusion-based competitors. "
Bhavik Vyas, Founder & CEO ElysIoT use artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with sensors and electronics, to create an interactive, personalized, but still affordable approach that helps people take the medications they need.
Forensic Discovery
            Trent Walton, President Forensic Discovery is a technology services firm in the legal industry that specializes in developing techniques to better leverage technology in early-stage legal discovery. This includes computer forensic collections, computer forensic analysis, early case assessment with NUIX and expert witness related work.
Suresh Madhuvarsu, Founder & Partner Product10x’s mission is to partner with companies and help them succeed in building the right products for the right customers with the right business and innovation models. Its advising and partnering program combines proven expertise in product management, product strategy, pricing, go-to-market strategy, business development and sales to provide outcome based results.
Brandon Lee, Founder & CEO FunnelAmplified is a Buyer Enablement Platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing SalesTech solutions. Sales needs more than just brand content to help them fill their funnels and meet their quotas.