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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022

50 Fastest Growing Companies 2022


Right direction is about purpose, of what the company is about, and what it is growing into. It is important not only because it guides your people to success, but because it gives you the power of flexibility to create. It is about to be able to make decisions, in the knowledge that the pieces are aligned to the same goal. Everything seems tough. Yes, it requires commitment, and a bit of luck. Here we present you such fastest growing brands.  The Silicon Review 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022 is all about organizations dedicated to sustaining innovation and high-trust cultures.

Company Management Description
Cuhaci Peterson
Greg Simpson,
Cuhaci Peterson™ is a firm of architects, designers, engineers, planners and staff focused on its team, clients community and the lives we influence. The company collaborates with clients nationwide to create places to live, dine, shop, work and heal.
Aaron Burton,
Sciton's mission is to improve its people’s lives. As industry leaders, its job is more than just building high-performance laser systems. The company fosters creativity, excellence, and a spirit of innovation in its workplace by helping others feel empowered, celebrated, and valued.
Carrera Lee Enterprises
Mona Golden,
Founder & CEO
Carrera Lee is the home of Harmony Roze HCM, a full suite solution for HR, Time, Talent, and Payroll. Additionally, the company helps organizations with Insurance solutions for Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation, and Business Continuity.
Data Soft Logic Corporation
Enoch Cruz,
With over 16 years of experience and understanding in home health culture and business, Data Soft Logic is the creator of complete web-based software solution for Home Health, Hospice and Therapy Services.
Dennis & Co. Auto Group
Brian Dennis,
Founder & President
Dennis & Co. Auto Group, Inc. operates a major automotive dealership network in the Metropolitan New York region with a diversified portfolio of 14 brands across 10 locations. Dennis & Co. connects prospective buyers with their ideal vehicles and offers warranty and repair services that keep drivers on the roads.
Fadi Daou,
Founder & CEO
MultiLane has been supplying the data communications industry with high-speed test and measurement equipment for more than a decade. From the early days of 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet test challenges of today, the company has worked to ensure that its offerings keep pace with industry needs.
Tim McDaniel,
Founder & CEO
Canviz specializes in creating software solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 platforms and open source technologies. Using industry recognized experts and a global work force, it delivers cost effective and reliable solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs, and help drive new sales opportunities.
Vision Soft
Anji G Reddy,
Visionsoft specializes in GRC, Security, Master Data Services (MDS), and S/4 HANA migration, implementation and integration for a number of industries. Visionsoft is born to address key challenges in your industry with complexity of Cyber Security, Governance Risk and Compliance, Big Data, HANA Solutions, Cloud Managed Services, and Digitization.
Glad Empire
Camille Marie Soto Malavé,
Founder & Co-CEO
Alberto Mendoza Nieves,
Founder & Co-CEO
GLAD Empire is a worldwide digital distribution, audio streaming, publishing management, synchronization licensing, video/audio monetization and digital content management company established in 2006 in Orlando Florida.
Solar Optimum
Arno Aghamalian,
Founder & CEO
Solar Optimum is an award-winning, manufacturer premium-certified industry leader in solar energy, battery storage and roof installations for all of California. As a vertically-integrated and technology-agnostic organization for the residential and commercial sectors, it leverages the best and most reliable solutions – providing the greatest value to its clients since 2008.
Jon Belmonte,
The AutoVitals’ team is obsessed with enabling shop clients to achieve results never before possible with traditional paper-based methods. The Digital Shop®Advantage means the most innovative and impactful products, a commitment to developing and instilling industry best practices in everything the company does, and the automotive industry’s most thriving and collaborative online community.
Virtana Corp
Christina Richards,
Virtana provides an AI-powered multi-cloud management platform to simplify hybrid cloud complexity, de-risk cloud migrations and reduce cost by 25% or more to accelerate digital transformation.
Sean Hurwitz,
Founder & CEO
PIXO offers a complete, end-to-end, extended reality (XR) solution for enterprise. Its patent-pending content distribution, management, and analytics platform makes XR — including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications — easier to manage than ever before.
Feast It Forward
Katie Hamilton Shaffer,
Founder & President
Feast It Forward is video content, merchandise, and electronic commerce business centered around three core content areas- food, wine, and cause-related content feeding all business segments of the company.
Growth Institute
Daniel Marcos,
Co-founder & CEO
Growth Institute is a leading provider of business education for fast growing small to medium sized firms. Through its virtual education platform, the company offers not only the knowledge necessary to scale up your firm, but also the skills necessary to implement it.
Sales Xceleration
Mark Thacker,
Co-founder & CEO
Chad Meyer,
Co-founder & EVP
At Sales Xceleration, the pioneer in outsourced sales leadership, the team builds a path to more sales. The company provides business owners with an experienced Outsourced Sales Consultant to drive sales growth.
CSD (Center for Social Dynamics)
Pete Pallarés,
Founder & Executive Chairman
Center for Social Dynamics opens a world of possibilities for those with Autism and other developmental needs through science, compassion, and humility. The company is an industry leader in comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and culturally sensitive therapy services for individuals and families diagnosed with Autism and other developmental conditions.
Core Development Group
Henry Cortes,
Founder & CEO
Core Development Group is the nationally-ranked renewable provider of commercial-scale solar that is helping transition companies to clean energy and meet net zero emission goals.
Rick Bentley,
Founder & CEO
Cloudastructure has been a proven leader in cloud video surveillance systems for close to 20 years. Its cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies can be customized to your needs and deployed easily and securely across the enterprise.
Sherbet London
Asher Moses,
Founder & CEO
Sherbet Ride is bringing the best in the heritage of London black taxis to a new audience. The company is future-proofing the London black taxi industry and are investing in today's technology that adds value to its passengers, its drivers and the global brands it works with.
Craig Hauben,
MediSpend, a global technology company providing best-in-class solutions for the life sciences industry, is the compliance system of record for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, medical device, dental and emerging biotech companies around the world.
BayOne Solutions
Rahul Sharma &
Yogesh Virmani,
BayOne specializes in providing Talent and Solutions & have a passion for diversity in tech. The company help its clients build teams. The company finds leaders and team players experts in their domains to grow your business- talent who fit in your culture.
Brian Nickerson,
CEO & Co-founder
MagicLinks powers social commerce through an exclusive marketplace for video influencers and the worlds’ leading brands. Its technology enables creators to earn steady income by sharing the products they love. It provides brands with creator investment data and tools to propel creator success across all social video platforms.
Transparent Health Marketplace
Robert C. Mortensen,
President & CEO
Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) is the technology Platform as a Service (PaaS) powering a new healthcare system that works for everyone. It combines the power of transparency and market-driven pricing with AI and intelligent system design to create a new healthtech ecosystem that flourishes!
Scott Taylor,
Founding Principal & CEO
SRX is a powerful technology solution that enables skilled nursing and long-term care (LTC) facilities to realize the lowest net cost on pharmacy spend. Its technology automates examination of your monthly pharmacy bill to identify cost savings and opportunities for waste management, as well as capture and submit all eligible rebates, which are guaranteed to be paid quarterly.
James Stephens,
DermaQuip skin analysis is the most advanced skin analysis technology on the market. DermaQuip offers the latest up and coming technology including the PEAR 3D Skin Analysis system. The PEAR 3D offers the best before and after pictures on the market.
Fred Cary,
IdeaPros® is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs bring their consumer products and apps to market. As a Super Venture Partner™ IdeaPros® partners with qualified entrepreneurs at any stage to bring expertise and a team to work alongside the entrepreneur.
Cherie Kloss,
Founder & CEO
SnapNurse allows nurses to work where they want, when they want, and have the option to get paid at the end of their shift. Facilities can use its "self-serve" option to book fully credentialed and oriented (optional) nurses to fill empty shifts at their facilities.
Lit Support 365
Chris Waters,
Founder & CEO
Lit Support 365 is a practice support company offering services to legal service vendors, law firms, corporations, and sole practitioners. The company is breaking the mold of traditional practice support and legal vendor services.
Theorem Fund Services
Stephen Giannone,
Managing Partner &
Theorem Fund Services offers a comprehensive service offering which includes fund administration, investment manager accounting, and compliance. Its highly trained staff which are complimented with robust technology work seemingly together to ensure accurate, timely, and customer service driven experiences for our clients.
Rob Qualls,
SAAM Inc. is a company dedicated to improving the global population's health and safety through the design and implementation of affordable air quality, smoke, fire, and gas monitoring devices.
QuLab Medical Ltd
Idan Tamir,
Founder & CEO
QuLab Medical is a digital health startup developing a small, minimally-invasive patch that enables access to continuous metabolic data, empowering better and more informed health decisions. QuLab offers a user-friendly way of generating actionable insights into the body's chemistry, to create a personalized metabolic profile.
Dr. Bao Le,
Founder & CEO’s vision is to change the way CBD brands and their retail partners sell to consumers all over the world. Its mission is to transform the CBD industry for the benefit of humankind by helping brands and retail partners deliver high quality CBG and CBD products that work and setting a new standard for product development, compliance and distribution
Erkan Akyuz,
Lyniate is on a mission to connect people to improve health outcomes. Formed on the foundation of two Best-in-KLAS interoperability solutions, Lyniate Corepoint and Lyniate Rhapsody, we are building the future of interoperability.
Solgen Power
Chris Lee,
Solgen Power originally opened it’s doors for business at the tail end of 2017 in one of its original founders’ garage. The original founders Chris Lee, Daryl Kelly, and Roby Clyde have combined experience of 30+ years in the solar sales industry.
Zuben Mathews,
Co-Founder & CEO
With a business model that is aligned with our customers, Brigit creates transparent, fair, and simple financial products that put money back in the hands of its members, help them spend wisely, and avoid unfair fees. Brigit don’t just reduce stress — it promotes sustainable financial health.
Craig Unger,
Founder & CEO
Hyperproof is your security assurance and compliance operations platform transforming the way you manage and do the work—empowering people and organizations to make the most of their compliance work to build trust inside and out.
Holiday Swap
James Asquith,
Founder & CEO
Holiday Swap continues to make it possible for individuals and their loved ones to enjoy a memorable, safe, and affordable vacation through its signature app. Heralded as a pioneer in this space, Holiday Swap works globally rather than locally, meaning you can see properties in more than 185 countries across six continents the app currently covers.
Roger Dudler,
CEO & Founder
Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform for creators and collaborators of brands, connecting everything (and everyone) important to the growth of your brand.
Scott Krueger,
Salelytics is one of the nation’s leading providers of Inside Sales, Account Management & Inbound Support services. The company helps its partners drive incremental sales, increase market share and strengthen relationships with their customers.
Naveen Bachkethi,
CEO & Co-founder
CBNITS is a premier Enterprise Solution & IT service provider. With the company's effective digital solutions and immense expertise in cutting-edge technologies, it is helping companies around the world to transform their businesses.
Black Diamond Advisory
Randy Werder,
CEO & Co-Founder
Black Diamond is the leading Digital Finance Transformation firm and a OneStream Diamond Partner. The company's services include Financial Transformation, Change Management, Process Automation, OneStream Solutions.
Chuck Morrison,
Founder & CEO
INVZBL is the industry’s first protection technology company, revolutionizing the way we purify, disinfect, and maintain our air, devices, and buildings. INVZBL delivers a force for good through its UV-C innovation and comprehensive device maintenance service.
Amit Vohra,
President & CEO
neuro42 is developing and commercializing advanced MRI technology for diagnosis and image-guided interventions of neurological diseases and conditions.
Matt Wasserlauf,
Founder & CEO
The BLOCKBOARD Platform is built on blockchain technology which provides transparency for every impression increasing confidence and trust with its advertisers.
D&L Education Solutions
Mark DeHart,
John Lee,
Co-founder &
Chief Product Officer
D&L Education Solutions is a national technical workforce development company with a passion for helping companies train and retain exceptional technicians and frontline workers through innovative instructional training programs.
Good Deeds Canada
Amber Yakutchik,
Founder & CEO
Good Deeds is a platform where contributions are rewarded by encouraging reciprocity through the offering of goods and services. In exchange for donating things that you no longer need or providing services, you earn virtual credits that can be used in the marketplace.
Noname Security
Oz Golan,
Co-founder & CEO
Hila Zigman-Zinshtein,
Shay Levi ,
Co-founder & CTO
Noname Security is the only company taking a complete, proactive approach to API Security. Noname works with 20% of the Fortune 500 and covers the entire API security scope across three pillars — Posture Management, Runtime Security, and API Security Testing.
DeBio Network
Pandu Sastrowardoyo,
DeBio Network is a decentralized anonymous-first platform for medical and bioinformatics data specializing in genetics testing. It eliminates risks of genetic discrimination by leveraging blockchain technology and high-level encryption to protect identity — while allowing users to access the benefits of genetic testing.
Daniel Daboczy,
Influencio is a web 3.0 platform that uses content sharing and crypto token rewards to build communities around a brand or message. Influencio mixes classic word-of-mouth and influencer marketing principles with gamification and methods that have helped to build and empower communities with token economies.