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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2024

50 Leading Companies of the Year 2024

Company Management Description
Sanner Group
Dr. Johannis Willem van Vliet,
Sanner Group was founded in Germany in 1894. With its high-quality manufacturing facilities strategically located across Germany, France, Hungary, and China, Sanner has built a reputation as a premier global provider of desiccant closures and effervescent tablet packaging.
AuCom MCS GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Thomas Zirk-Gunnemann, 

AuCom has seamlessly blended audio-visual enthusiasm with cutting-edge technological prowess since its establishment in 1978. Founded on a partnership that united Mark Empson’s electronics design expertise with Ray Archer’s entrepreneurial acumen, AuCom embarked on a journey from crafting high-end stereo amplifiers to revolutionizing the world of motor control through its pioneering soft starter technology.

Igus Inc®
Felix Brockmeyer,
President & CEO
igus Inc. is a Germany-based manufacturer and distributor specializing in high-performance plastic products. It focuses on motion plastics, cable carriers, cables, linear actuators, guides, bearings, robotics, and automation. The company serves clients across the world.
Baseload Power
Richard Lowrance,
Managing Director & Principal
Baseload Power is a global power generation services company, maintaining Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like GE Vernova, Baker Hughes, Siemens, as well as prominent Utilities such as BlackHills and Duke. Known for its commitment to providing high-quality work at reasonable prices and possessing an industry-leading response time, Baseload Power stands out in the industry.
Perfect Corp
Alice H. Chang,
CEO & Founder
Perfect Corp is the leading SaaS artificial intelligence and augmented reality beauty and fashion tech business solutions provider, dedicated to transforming the consumer shopping experience through seamless and omnichannel experiences.
Birmingham Biotech
Michael Hsu,
Founder & CEO
Birmingham Biotech is an award-winning innovator in diagnostic tests and protective nasal and throat sprays for medical conditions with an urgent, unmet need. In collaboration with the University of Birmingham, the company is dedicated to bridging healthcare gaps in developing nations by providing access to cutting-edge, cost-effective medical solutions through its efficient global supply network.
Compass Supply Solutions Limited
Sharon Crompton,
Compass Supply Solutions recognizes the need to be agile, adaptive and responsive to the complex needs of our global clients. As a leading provider of premium drinks brands and ambient food to Cruise Lines, Airlines & Airports, Rail, Travel Retail and Corporate Hospitality, the company has built up a proven and enviable reputation by building tailor made supply solutions that are synchronized with its clients' buying and operational infrastructure.
PURE Bioscience
Tim Steffensmeier,
Vice President of Sales
PURE Bioscience, Inc. was founded in 1992 under the name Innovative Medical Services (“IMS”) and became a public company in 1996 focused on developing and selling pharmaceutical water purification and dispensing equipment. IMS acquired ETI-H2O, the company that developed and manufactured Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (“SDC”).
HOW Agency
Matt Caiola,
Co-CEO 5WPR & Leader of The HOW Agency,
Paul Miser,
EVP & Group Director, The HOW Agency
The HOW Agency is a digital agency committed to radical accountability. It specializes in influence and its programs are custom designed to take global audience on a holistic brand journey.
NATROX Wound Care
Craig Kennedy,
NATROX Wound Care's mission is to transform the lives of patients suffering from hard-to-heal wounds through its innovative technology that leverages the natural properties of oxygen to stimulate healing.
QB Fabrication & Welding
James Quach,
Ivy Quach,
QB Fabrication & Welding is your specialist for electric utility structures.Through the years, the company has supplied towers and substation structures all across the Western States and Canada.
Ed Garibian,
LLumin CEO & Software Entrepreneur
LLumin not only looks to elevate manufacturing KPIs but also make sure its manufacturing customers are happy by having adopted a holistic approach, which combines manufacturing KPs with customer service KPIs.
Patrick Quinlan,
Confience is on a mission to revolutionize lab management and empower quality managers with tools they can trust. The company isn't just about delivering a product; it's about delivering an experience. With a focus on quality, transparency, integrity, and empathy, Confience ensures that every interaction, every decision, is guided by these core values.
CSOFT International
Shunee Yee,
Founder & CEO
CSOFT International is a leader in global communications, providing turnkey solutions for companies facing the challenges of engaging customers and markets across linguistic and cultural barriers. CSOFT’s on-demand and real time human translation technology disrupts the translation industry and helps its clients accelerate international growth.
Bernd Bissinger
Bernd Bissinger,
Health Coach
Bernd Bissinger is a health coach, certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN, NY, USA), and an NLP Master (DVNLP) from Germany, working with Medical Medium® information. His coaching programs aim to support clients with challenged nervous systems to assure a comfortable, time-saving application of the Medical Medium® protocols, tailored to their needs.
R&L Co., Ltd.,
Uwe Rosenkranz,
Founder & CEO
R&L Co., Ltd., also known as R&L Solar Solutions, is a global renewable energy service provider headquartered in Tokyo. Specializing in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and O&M (Operations and Maintenance) services, R&L supports power companies and commercial solar projects in Australia, Taiwan, and Europe. The company’s vision is to create a borderless future for sustainable energy, furthering innovation and growth alongside its international partners.
neoplas med GmbH
Ulrike Sailer,
neoplas med GmbH was founded with the vision to empower medical performance to enrich lives. The company is characterized by exceeding our customers’ expectations through a comprehensive strategy. Our products and services are based on continuous innovation and are ahead of generic mainstream applications.
Egan Nelson LLP
Shane M. Egan,
Thomas R. Nelson,
Egan Nelson LLP, or E/N, is a top-tier boutique law firm dedicated to delivering outstanding service, expertise, and value to its clients. The firm’s partners and attorneys bring a wealth of experience from leading major law firms, managing complex transactional matters and earning professional recognition as industry leaders.
Carisk Partners
Joseph Berardo, Jr.,
CEO & Chairman
Carisk Partners is a specialty risk transfer and care coordination company operating in the workers’ compensation market. Since 2016, Carisk Partners has redefined the way patients and clients access high quality care and support services. Today, Carisk continues to transform the workers’ compensation marketplace by providing seamless experiences across all products and services and empowering patients through its proprietary Pathways™ 2 Recovery care model.
Joshua Barnes,
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Connected is an independent digital agency that specialises in growing businesses with smart, data-driven marketing. The company is revolutionizing and transforming digital business capabilities and driving business growth quickly.
Zielke Research Consult GmbH

Dr.Carsten Zielke,

Zielke Research Consult GmbH is a consulting firm specializing in financial and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analyses. It caters to insurance companies, banks, and institutional investors, assisting them in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, particularly in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial reporting domains.
Flemming Amar Raza,
UBSEND is a shipping company offering e-commerce, logistics, parcel distribution, and tracking services across multiple countries. Currently, the company is expanding its services to the Middle East and the United States.
New World Wind
Luc Eric KRIEF,
Owner Chairman & CEO
New World Wind (NWW) has emerged as a leading force in the global energy sector, revolutionizing traditional approaches to power generation. As a key player in the “New World” movement, NWW has expanded its influence across five continents, championing innovative systems that empower individuals in energy consumption.
Saskia Eijkelhof,
EnginX, at the forefront of technological innovation, revolutionizes the way engineers work by developing cutting-edge software that enhances efficiency and intelligence. In the intricate design process of machines, where complex calculations and reliance on complex datasheets can be overwhelming, EnginX steps in to simplify, standardize, and accelerate these tasks through its innovative software and automation solutions.

Dr. Louie Al-Faraje,
Founder & CEO

Novadontics helps clinicians provide the highest level of patient care with innovative, integrated features and industry-leading business, clinical, and front-office tools with mobile access from any web-enabled device, allowing clinicians and staff to run their practices smoothly and efficiently while keeping their focus on what matters most: their patients.
Quercis Pharma AG
Thomas Lines,
Quercis Pharma AG is a Zug-based clinical-stage biotechnology company. Quercis leverages its novel, proprietary and orally available anti-thrombotic, anti-cancer, antiviral and immuno-modulatory platforms to deliver innovative, effective, safe and broadly accessible treatments to patients with potentially life-threatening conditions addressing significant unmet medical needs.
Les Companions
Antoine Rennuit,
Les Companions is a start-up specializing in designing and developing robotic assistants for painters. Its vision is to have skilled tradesmen work hand-in-hand with machines in a collaborative way on the building sites. The machine achieves the hard, repetitive, and dull tasks, while the worker works on the more skilled and noble tasks, where his know-how is highly valued.
Datroo Technologies
Keith White,
Owner & CEO
Datroo Technologies is an information technology and services company based out of Abilene, Texas, United States. As a full-service professional services company, which supports advanced networking needs for businesses, Datroo is your first stop for “Mtaking I.T. Better."
Old City Media
Ray Sheehan,
Old City Media, Inc. is a global marketing agency dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections between brands and their target demographics through innovative experiential marketing strategies. With an extensive portfolio of clients and a well-established methodology for seamless brand integration, the agency empowers retailers to harness their assets effectively in pursuit of niche audience engagement.
inmind .ai
Dr. Bechara Al Bouna,
Founder & CEO
inmind .ai is dedicated to empowering businesses with creative approaches enabling digital transformation on all levels of the value chain to stay ahead of the competition by embarking on the digital wave. inmind .ai is a visionary provider of AI solutions with a focus on business intelligence and big data management.
Zone Agtech
Marilou Cyr,
General Manager
Zone Agtech is an innovation cluster located in the L’Assomption RCM that is dedicated to bringing together, propelling, and promoting the AgTech and plant bioproducts industry of Quebec, both locally and internationally.
Power Consulting Group
Chris Power,
Power Consulting is a leading New York IT Managed Services provider. The company’s purpose is to help its clients, medium-sized businesses and non-profits, achieve their missions through technology.
New Wind Therapeutics L3C
Dr. Shin Mukai,
New Wind Therapeutics aims to develop novel small-molecule drugs for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and redefine patient care in this field. The company’s dynamic research process unites cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a profound commitment to targeting cancer stem cells (CSCs), which play a crucial role in the initiation, growth, and recurrence of cancer.
Le Thu Thuy,
Vice Chairman of the BOD
Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank) is headquartered at 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. SeABank is known as one of the leading group of largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam in terms of capital size. charter, operating network, brand awareness and stable growth rate.
Bellus Labs
Kristina Cimo,
CEO & Founder
Founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo Michael and Kristina Cimo, Bellus Labs works with some of the most cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs in the USA. Its product formulation and private label cosmetics are expertly crafted with years of experience and a heap of 5 star reviews.
Colin Konschak,
CEO & Board Chairperson
Divurgent is committed to healthcare evolution and the strategies and processes that make it possible.The firm helps its clients evolve in payment and delivery reform, as well as patient engagement, providing higher quality of care, lower cost of care, and healthier communities.
Bala Janakiraman,
Onbe is a fintech that manages and modernizes consumer and workforce disbursements for corporate clients. The company is the category leader in business to individual disbursements.
Brendan O'Connor,
CEO & Co-Founder
AppOmni is the pioneer of SaaS Security Posture Management enabling customers to achieve secure productivity with their SaaS applications.
Anshu Sharma,
Co-Founder & CEO
Skyflow was founded to radically transform how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare and other personal data – the data that powers the digital economy.
Exit Consulting Group, Inc.
John Ovrom,
President & Founder
Exit Consulting Group, Inc.® (ECG) is a professional services firm built upon the experience of professionals who have sharpened their skills by starting, growing, managing, and selling multiple companies of their own.
Nadav Arbel,
Co-Founder & CEO
CYREBRO is on a mission to completely revolutionize cybersecurity operations by putting the power of a full-fledged Security Operations Center (SOC) in the hands of any user in any organization.
Kumo Cloud Solutions
Reza K.,
Founder & CEO
Kumo Cloud Solutions is a technology solutions provider specializing in Managed IT Services, Unified Communications and VoIP Solutions, Cloud Services and Cybersecurity.
JJ Safety
John Shelman,
Jonathan Nichols,
JJ Safety is a small group of contractor compliance experts, who are experienced in regulatory occupational safety and health compliance. The company has an extensive safety audit and contractor pre-qualification process experience.
Securieon Group
Constantino (Tony) Quintong Jr,
The Securieon Group is a business consulting and management advisory firm that specializes in developing and executing high-performance growth strategy for each client.
Vikram Seth,
Founder & CEO
LoKnow works alongside you, or in the background, to create impactful digital advertising campaigns. With a vision for everyone to access, benefit from, and love the vast world of digital advertising, the company goes above and beyond ordinary media buying, with skill, process, and layers of augmenting technology to build and optimize high-performance campaigns.
Chayan Mukhopadhyay,
Qandle is a smart, cloud-based HR Solution for forward-looking organizations. It is a comprehensive solution and covers the entire gamut of HR activities - from hire to retire.
Andrew Bocskocsky,
Co-Founder & CEO
Grata is the leading deal sourcing platform that helps you find, research, and engage with middle market companies.
Lightbits Labs
Eran Kirzner,
Co-Founder & CEO
Bring more flexibility, performance, and efficiency to yoru cloud data operations. With Lightbits, you can reduce costs for your most challenging performance-sensitive workloads while giving your users a better application experience.
Martin Jakobsen,
Managing Director
Cybanetix is a leading provider of managed Cyber Security Service and hosted SIEM and breach detection services.
Martin Naude,
CEO & Founder
Synatic seeks to help drive innovation and enhance system integration and automation experience with its Nimble, Simple and Powerful Data Integration Hub (DIH).