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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2020

50 Most Admired companies of the Year 2020

Company Management Description
Cambridge Companies SPG
Filipp Chebotarev, Co-founder & COO Cambridge Companies SPG applyies its capabilities as a leading investment firm to deliver solutions, turn opportunities into value and propel growth. The capital it deploys on behalf of its investors fuels the development of businesses and communities.
Nasco Healthcare
Ken Miller, President & CEO Nasco Healthcare believes in the frontline healthcare and rescue workers that are charged with caring for those in need and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. 
Great Southwestern Construction
Brandon Lark, President Great Southwestern Construction, Inc. (Great Southwestern) provides a full range of electrical construction services to utilities, municipalities, government entities and private developers throughout the nation for transmission lines, distribution systems, communication systems, substations and renewable energy facilities.
CCIntegration Inc
Anna Hung, CEO CCI provides full service systems integration globally, partnering with our customers to successfully design, manufacture, configure, support, and fulfill all their system and platform needs.

Manuel Schiappa Pietra, President & CEO FreeBalance's Public Financial Management (PFM) and GovTech solutions, advisory services and training deliver realistic and impactful public sector reform that enhance transparency, improve effectiveness, restore trust and create innovation breakthrough opportunities. 
Varsha Bhave, Founder & CEO Projectmates has been working to bring you the best enterprise construction program management software for the modern world. The company is continually recognized as a leader in the construction technology space. 
RagingBull LLC
Jeff Bishop, Co-founder & CEO RangingBull quite uniquely allows students to observe real traders explaining trades they are looking at making, alerts them when the trader enters and exits the trades, and provides a breakdown analysis of many of these trades.
Sam Khashman, President & CEO ImagineSoftware’s products offer the technologies and tools needed to enhance practice management. It automates the process of collecting reimbursement throughout the entire lifecycle of a claim and patient payment process. 
Xcast Labs Inc
Patricia Mathis, Executive Chairman & Founder XCastLabs provides wholesale, reseller, and agent partners the widest array of Hosted VoIP and Video VoIP products and services and complete turn-key support globally.
Mike Simon, CEO DefinedLogic prides itselves on helping brands embrace new technology to give them a competitive advantage by combining strategy, design, and technology creating useful, enjoyable and valuable digital products. 
Financial Gravity
Scott Winters, CEO Financial Gravity is a parent company that aims to bring together best of breed financial services companies including brokerage, wealth management, estate planning, family office services, risk management, business and personal tax planning, business consulting and financial advisor services. 
Trade Ideas
Dan Mirkin, CEO Trade-Ideas provides real-time decision support and risk management for trading equity and derivative instruments based on statistical analysis of market technicals. Trade-Ideas specializes in Idea Generation Technology (IGT) to deliver filtered trading opportunities and Algorithmic Monitoring (AM) of automated execution orders for hedge funds, traders and the buyside community. 
MiCare Path
Scott Laster, Co-founder & CEO MiCare supports migrants and refugees across a number of services ranging from child and youth activities, employment preparation, family support programs, retirement living and aged services. 
Greentech Innovators
Ingmar Høgøy, Co-founder & Chairman Greentech Innovators identifies needs in the market and collaborates with research communities, innovators and industry to develop solutions for circular bio economy. 
eCycle Solutions
Michael Collins, President & CEO eCycle Solutions operates multiple asset recovery and electronics and electrical equipment recycling facilities across Canada – amongst the most technologically advanced in North America. 
Prepaid Ventures LTD
Andrew Siden, Founder & CEO PrePaid Ventures offers innovative solutions and financial management technologies to businesses looking to grow and evolve into the electronic payments network. 
WHM Creative
Audrey Merritt, CEO & Co-founder With a rare combination of authentic curiosity, creative intelligence, and data-informed strategy, WHM Creative serves clients at every point in the marketing lifecycle, from brand creation to integrated campaigns, content, and go-to-market strategies. 
People + Culture Strategies
Joydeep Hor, Founder & Managing Principal PCS offers a unique value proposition: partnering with clients through approachable and pragmatic advice, providing flexible pricing models to suit organisations large and small (including monthly retainer arrangements) and delivering a comprehensive program of education events, webinars and other value-add activities.
Russ Johannesson, CEO Glooko provides an FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant Web and Mobile application designed to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes, which in turn reduces costs for payers and the healthcare system. 
Matterport Inc
RJ Pittman, CEO Matterport is the world leader in immersive 3D technology, offering a platform for prosumers and professionals to easily capture, edit and share 3D models of physical spaces.
Julien Khaleghy, Founder & CEO SerpApi is a real time API to access Google search results. It solves the issues of having to rent proxies, solving captchas, and JSON parsing.

Wesley Financial Group LLC
Chuck McDowell, Founder & CEO Wesley Financial Group, LLC assists those whom have ended up in seemingly helpless situations by standing by its clients, ensuring the timeshare and all of it’s attached debt is eliminated, and fighting for every last penny spent on the timeshare to be returned.
Exusia Inc
Trevor Silver, Founder & CEO Exusia is a leader in end-to-end data strategy, execution and managed services offerings, leveraging its team of business strategy, analytics and data engineering experts along with cutting edge hosted software as a service accelerators to deliver to clients.
KeyCity Capital LLC
Tie Lasater, CEO KeyCity Capital is a world-class private equity and wealth acceleration firm.  It serves accredited investors and high net worth individuals with comprehensive wealth advice and the most attractive investments in the industry. 
Freedom Forever LLC
Brett Bouchy, CEO Freedom Forever is a residential solar installation company that executes best-in-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for its dealer partners. Its independent dealer partners are some of the most successful solar sales companies in the industry. 
Coach Training Alliance
Chris Osborn, CEO Coach Training Alliance is committed to your continued growth and success.  Over the past decade, and through training thousands of successful coaches, the company has built and refined the leading Center for Lifelong Learning and Coaching Excellence. 
Twiga Foods Limited
Peter Njonjo, Co-founder & CEO Twiga is on its way to being Africa’s largest grocer. It is using a mobile-based, cashless, business-to-business (B2B) supply platform to access distribution into the millions of small and medium size vendors in African urban markets
Florian Brokamp, Co-founder & CEO Thinksurance is the leading distribution technology platform for business insurance in Germany. It connects insurers, distributors from several sales channels and business customers on its platform.
S3 Group Inc
Poornima Kaddi, Co-founder & CEO S3 Group is a Premier Consulting firm providing strategic supply chain solutions and services to the Logistics/Supply Chain industry. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional operational, functional, and technical, supply chain solutions to its clients. 
Leap & Scale Growth Partners Private Limited
Prashant Joshi, Founder & Director Leap & Scale's expertise is in providing end to end solutions for various areas with a view of solving problems and easing out day to day life. Technology domains it focuses are Industrial Automation, Location Based Systems, Internet of Things, Mechatronics, and Telematics.
Notable Labs
Laurie Heilmann, CEO Notable Labs is a translationally focused drug development company that uses a clinically validated, automated compound sensitivity platform to identify and advance novel therapeutic candidates to dramatically reduce the cost and time of the traditional drug development process.  
Burg & Co. Marketing
Kelly Burgess, Founder & CEO Burg & Co. Marketing's digital marketing experts take your story and feature it on the right digital platforms, at the right time, in front of the right people. 
Shingo OTOBE, CEO LIGHTz Inc is an AI company that incorporates specialist thinking into the AI system and transfers those thinking processes to the modern generation.
Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies
Rodrigo Alonso Martins, CEO Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies is a Multi-Family Office and multidisciplinary service provider dedicated to the global wealth management of its UHNW Private Clients/Families.
MobiCard Inc
Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO MobiCard's revolutionary platform disrupts the paper business card business. Within a matter of seconds, you can distribute, share, and view data analytics of card shares, views, and various other features that will allow you to take advantage of hot leads and improve communication.
Virtual Training Associates
Chuck Gallgher, President Virtual Training Associates conveniently brings business training to your office in an interactive virtual training platform. Users can train directly with award-winning and knowledgeable industry thought-leaders to build a structurally sound organization upon the pillars of focused strategy and capable management.
Ross Schibler, Founder & CEO Opsani’s mission is to instigate a culture shift in DevOps and make Continuous Optimization the norm. To achieve this, the company has brought together some of the finest minds in machine learning (ML)
Ross R James, CEO Accloud empowers SMEs in high growth markets with innovative cloud-based business management tools specially designed to meet their unique needs.
Allied Trust Insurance Co.
Brian Keefer, President Allied Trust is an admitted Property and Casualty Insurance Company domiciled in the State of Texas, now offering Homeowners, Auto, and Marine Insurance. 
TruckX Inc
Tapan Chaudhari, Founder Bringing Transparency, Visibility, and Efficiency to the trucking industry. TruckX provides ELD devices and dispatching software as a single tool.
You are Capital
Jean-François Alandry, Founder & CEO You are Capital's vision is to support the visionaries who want to change the world to make it a more ethical, sustainable and people-driven planet to live in.
Mira Vista Aviation
Patrick Lindsey, President Mira Vista has earned an ARG/US Platinum rating, IS-BAO rating and is a certified Wyvern Wingman, recognized by the FAA, CAA in Canada and Europe’s CEN as the industry standard. These ratings brand Mira Vista as a top operator and management company and proves the company’s dedication to a robust safety culture.
Advanced Analytics and Research Lab
Eric Huang, Founder & CEO Advanced Analytics and Research Lab is an analytics consulting, contracting and education company. On the consulting side, it provides affordable, user-friendly and high impact analytics for your organization.
Blake Johnson, Co-founder Byte is the #1 rated, doctor-directed leader in the medtech industry, providing customers access to at-home invisible aligners that deliver professional results in half the time and cost of traditional methods.
Heal The World
Vivek Kamath, Founder & CEO ‘Heal the World’ is a Revolutionary Health Care start up venture, started June 2017. Its “key objective” is to cure its patients and do so without the use of medicines. 
Orvar Hurtig, Co-founder & CEO With the Moxiam app, you are present and can show care around the clock. And it is a good basis for security - for the resident, for you and for other relatives.
Indigenous Tourism Ontario
Kevin Eshkawkogan, CEO Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) is the province’s first and only dedicated Indigenous tourism organization that focuses on uniting communities, Indigenous organizations and industry leaders to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Ontario.
Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions
Roger McCloud, Founder & CEO With a penchant for exceptional bookkeeping and speedy-tax work, Iron's team allows business owners to manage their business instead of getting lost in finance numbers and calculations that take up exorbitant amounts of time. 
Augmentt Technology Inc
Derik Belair, President & CEO Augmentt’s Channel enabled platform was designed to help organizations understand SaaS Usage, Optimize spend, Enforce security policies, Streamline operations and make better SaaS decisions.