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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Without a doubt, CEO is at the top of the corporate ladder. Anybody in the corporate world can dream of becoming a CEO, but the responsibilities linked to this role are not for the faint hearted. If you ask a business professional to pin down the qualities of a successful CEO, he/she will give you an endless list. So what separates a great CEO from the rest of the pack?

Company Management Description
Momentum Consulting
Marlene Clark,
Co-Founder & CEO
Marlene Clark helps executives and organizations find the best in themselves. As a highly trained, experienced business consultant, she is laser-focused and knows how to listen.
Jim Rae,
Jim Rae, CEO of docs24 is the original architect of the company and has led and shaped docs24 since 2013. He brings in 25 years of experience from Document and Information Management sector. Jim started his business career in Xerox, which is where he completed his sales, marketing and management training.
FinishLine Tax Solutions,LLC
Scott A. Curley,
"I’m very cognizant of the importance to stay grounded and humble. We started this company with only $2000 and a vision/dream. We came from virtually nothing and have grown our business into one of the largest in the country," says Scott A. Curley, Co-CEO.
iMerit Technology

Radha Basu,
Founder & CEO
Radha built her career at HP, spending 20 years with the tech giant and eventually heading its Enterprise Solutions group. She then took public as its CEO. Radha started Anudip Foundation in 2007 with Dipak Basu and then founded iMerit in 2012.
Avricore Health Inc
Hector Bremner,
Hector Bremner’s life and career have been marked by recognizing good ideas, getting things done and bringing people together. After a successful career in business development and operations management with some of Canada’s largest brands, Hector founded Vancouver based TOUCH Marketing in 2007, whose innovative marketing, communications and project management strategies earned him a strong reputation for delivering results.
Phil Bullinger,


Phil has a 30-year career in enterprise storage spanning a number of engineering and business leadership roles from silicon to system-level products that have defined and led their respective market segments.
Atypical Digital

Tejune Kang,

Tejune Kang is a technology professional from the United States with more than 28 years of experience leading global enterprise technology application implementations. He also has over 23 years of entrepreneurial experience. He founded 6D Global Technologies, Inc. and took the company public. Moreover, Mr. Kang has had many successful business exits, including those in technology, real estate, and imports.
Simon Cooper,
Simon has a strong background in product, pricing and go-to-market strategy for growing technology companies. He previously held Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer positions at ServicePower, Inc. where he helped both enterprise and SMB clients improve customer and field service through the implementation of innovative SaaS software.
Rank Harvest, LLC

Michael Chagala,
“Over the last three years, being a ‘behind the scenes’ CEO, like Oz, I am now beginning to see the importance of stepping up and out into the business community as a thought-leader," says Michael Chagala, CEO.
QZ Asset Management
Blake Yeung,
"Blake Yeung, CEO of QZ Asset Management, is responsible for the research and development of QZ’s flagship technology platform, BDAI or Big Data-Artificial Intelligence, and has won multiple accolades for his works, including a ‘Pioneer in Finance Award’ at the Shanghai Fintech Summit in 2019. "
Oleg Movchan,
Oleg Movchan is the Chief Executive Officer of Enfusion. He has been a member of board of directors since 2021. Mr. Movchan has held numerous executive leadership positions across industries, including investment management organizations, a consumer packaged-goods company, and a private equity investment platform.
Steve Talcott Smith,
Founder & CEO
As a longtime successful business owner, the author of the programmer’s guidebook titled LevelUp and the developer of multiple software applications himself, Steven Talcott Smith provides crucial expertise to his clients in all aspects of the software industry.
Akkad Holdings
Stephen Shaya,
Stephen Shaya, M.D., the Managing Director of Akkad Holdings, established the company in 2017 to focus on healthcare investment opportunities. Dr. Shaya’s efforts have received many recognitions including the 2015 Global Distinguished Health Care Award from the Center of Economic and Leadership Development, and a United States Congressional Commendation.
Jonathan Franchell,
Founder & CEO
Jonathan Franchell is focused on improving and growing Ironpaper, an agency I founded in 2003. He guides solutions and teams using a hybrid data-driven and creative process that focuses on measurable business results.
Roy Dagan,
Roy started SecuriThings after many years of building cyber security, risk management and intelligence systems. Prior to SecuriThings, Roy held multiple roles leading product management teams in a range of companies including RSA, The Security Division of EMC and NICE Systems.
Christopher Molaro,
NeuroFlow CEO and West Point graduate Christopher Molaro served in the army for five years, including a tour in Iraq as a platoon leader. Coming back home, he experienced firsthand the gaps in the behavioral health system and how veterans and civilians alike face too many barriers when it comes to receiving appropriate, timely care.
Matthias Stadelmeyer,
President & CEO
Matthias is CEO at Tradedoubler since 2014 and has since then remodelled the business fundamentally. He is an experienced strategic leader with strong background in sales and technology. Due to his expertise in blockchain and data technology and his visionary view on digital marketing trends he is a sought-after keynote speaker and regularly shares the stage with other industry leaders.
Ian Uriarte,
Founder & CEO
Ian Uriarte is the Founder & CEO of Timbergrove. Ian is an electrical and software engineer turned serial entrepreneur with decades of experience successfully leading businesses and non-profit organizations. His expertise ranges from oil & gas to manufacturing to transportation and just about everything in between.
Ted Murphy,
CEO & Chairman
Ted Murphy is a serial entrepreneur who has founded six companies since 1994. Today he is Founder, CEO and Chairman of IZEA. Murphy has been called the father of paid blogging and is largely credited for creating the influencer marketing industry.
Joanna Riley,
Co-Founder & CEO
Joanna Riley is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, thought leader on the future of work, and a strong supporter of women in technology and female-led startups. Her mission at Censia is to unlock the full potential of the global workforce by giving companies access to sophisticated and ethical system intelligence and the most comprehensive and actionable people data available.
David Sosna,
Co-Founder & CEO
David Sosna has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services arena. Prior to founding Personetics, David was co-founder and chief executive officer of Actimize, the leading provider of financial crime, risk and compliance solutions.
John Pitman,
Co-founder & CEO
John is passionate about data visualization and collaboration. When he is not krunching data, John has an alter ego as a professional musician, and has been a Board Member of a number of prominent Australian Arts companies.
Virtualitics, Inc.
Michael Amori,
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael Amori is the CEO and Co-Founder of Virtualitics. Michael is a data scientist and entrepreneur with a background in finance and physics. He co-authored many of the patents underpinning the Virtualitics AI platform. He believes that AI applied to data analytics can help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.
Howard Brown,
Founder & CEO
Howard Brown is the founder and CEO of, the leading RevOps solution for real-time guidance, where he fosters an innovative, fast-growing and collaborative culture.
Liran Zvibel,
Co-Founder & CEO
Liran co-founded WEKA in 2013. Today, he guides the company’s long-term vision and strategy as its Chief Executive Officer. He previously served as WEKA’s Chief Technology Officer.
Experion Technologies
Binu Jacob,
With 25 years in various executive leadership roles in the Indian Air Force as well as executive management roles in various software companies, Binu has a track record of building successful business lines around enterprise software products, as well growing early stage software product companies.
Jason du Preez,
Co-founder & CEO
As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Jason is responsible for Privitar’s vision, strategy, culture, and funding. He is passionate about the benefits of data to society and Privitar’s vision of building a centre of excellence around privacy engineering products.
Gaurav Banga,
Founder & CEO
Gaurav Banga is the Founder and CEO of Balbix, and serves on the boards of several companies. Before Balbix, Gaurav was the Co-founder & CEO of Bromium and led the company from inception for over 5 years. Earlier in his career, he served in various executive roles at Phoenix Technologies and Intellisync Corporation, and was Co-founder and CEO of PDAapps, acquired by Intellisync in 2005.
Source Defense
Dan Dinnar,
Dan Dinnar is the CEO of Source Defense. A 20+ years veteran of executive leadership, deal making and strategy in the IT/Security industry. Dinnar holds a B.A. in Economics and Business from the Technion – Israel Institution of Technology.
Kide Science
Sari Hurme- Mehtälä,
CEO & Co-founder
Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO & Co-founder of Kide Science, has 15 years of business experience globally and locally in media, retail, design, ICT & Education.