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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

What do you want to achieve so much? Why do you want to achieve that? Will you continue to push forward and work hard to make it happen? These are the questions business executives ask themselves daily, probably every minute. Direction is about purpose, the company, and what it is growing into. It is crucial because it guides your people to success and gives you the power of flexibility to create.

Company Management Description
58 Foundations & Waterproofing
Kevin Coppersmith,
'58 Foundations, inventor of the interior basement waterproofing system, has been providing five-star customer experiences in basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, foundation repair and mold removal since 1958. Its money-back guarantee and life-of-the-structure warranty – unique in the industry – offer the ultimate protection to homeowners.
The Methodical Group
Joshua Mann,
The Methodical Group’s motivation was to fill the gap left by large consultancies that charge high fees and provide mediocre satisfaction levels for clients. The company is a team of experts who provide direct, low-cost, and high-value services to clients by reducing overhead and maintaining their status as thought leaders.
Flash Global
Sam Mikles,
President & CEO
Flash Global designs and implements end-to-end service supply chain strategies for rapidly expanding companies, including many of the world’s top high-tech companies. Flash creates global solutions that are locally fueled, which enables companies to efficiently scale in countries all around the world.
5WPR Public Relations
Dara Busch &
Matt Caiola,
As a full-service agency based in NYC, 5WPR is built for now, adopting current and modern methods to reach out to and connect with a wider range of audiences. 5WPR is proudly committed to developing prosperous partnerships between brands and consumers.
LoadSys Solutions
Lee Forkenbrock,
CEO & Lead
Project Manager
LoadSys specializes in data integration, transformation, analytics, and application development - helping businesses make data-driven decisions while unlocking the true potential of their data assets.
Michael Rapp,
Praecipio is a cloud-first business and technology consulting firm specializing in strategic Cloud transformations, Enterprise Agility, DevOps, Application Development and Modern Service Management. Praecipio is an enterprise-level strategic advisor across the Atlassian platform focused on helping businesses drive revenue and fuel growth.
PBSC Urban Solutions
Gian Caro Crivello,
PBSC is changing the world, one city at a time. As a micromobility leader, it develops, markets and help operate the most innovative, customizable, and reliable public bike-share systems. The company is empowering cities to provide users with safe, enjoyable, and sustainable transportation alternatives that reduce road congestion and improve quality of life.
Eccentex Corporation
Alex Stein,
Founder & CEO
Eccentex’s flexible and unified HyperAutomation Cloud platform empowers businesses to rapidly deploy, easily extend and effortlessly change business applications to meet their strategic goals and keep up with the ever-changing customer needs.
S3H Inc
Arlene Sarkoyan,
Founder & CEO
S3H is a national firm providing engineering, plumbing, installation, and design services. The company specializes in new construction and renovations, utilizing the design build concept to minimize costly delays, shorten a project’s timeline and maximize a client’s budget.
Megaton Cargo Services
Divya Tekchandani,
Managing Director 
Megaton Cargo Services is a well-established cargo company. It has a long history of providing excellent services and is highly efficient and competent. Megaton was able to satisfy Oman's need for cargo expertise thanks to its 35 years of combined aviation experience.  
Tyler Miller,
President & CEO
TechPulse is a managed IT services provider focused on helping its clients grow and scale using IT, including some of the fastest-growing companies across the United States.
Alexei Agratchev,
CEO & Co-Founder
RetailNext is the worldwide market leader and expert in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar retail, delivering real-time analytics that enable retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data.
CEGA Innovations
Aaron J Emerson,
The team at CEGA believes enhanced, affordable technologies can improve patient care and provide a safer workplace for all medical professionals. Today, the company is focused on bringing to market products and services that assist hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory care centers meet compliance requirements in the area of safe patient handling.
The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, PLLC
John P. Mahoney,
Founding &
Managing Partner
Protect and enhance your federal career with top-rated and award-winning legal representation from The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law,, in Washington, DC. John Mahoney and his colleagues are top-rated and award-winning attorneys representing federal employees, unions, employee associations, contractors, and agencies in employment and security clearance appeals throughout the USA and around the world.
Fortuna Business Management Consulting
Jack R. Smith,
Fortuna BMC is an IT consulting and staffing company, comprised of Senior Consultants all of whom are committed to excellence in providing the most efficient and innovative information technology solutions customized to its clients’ specifications.
Vaibhav Dabhade,
Founder & CEO
Anchanto is a global B2B company that offers a suite of SaaS products for the Digital Commerce & logistics businesses. Connected to 200+ systems partners, Anchanto’s technology is designed to enable the operational growth of Logistics Companies, Brands, Distributors, eCommerce enablers, and Retailers.
Thinc Forward
Dan DiOrio,
CEO & Founder
Thinc Forward team has provided thousands of satisfied clients with insightful, objective expertise while reducing costs and delivering exceptional services in all areas of technology. Its expertise, driven by extensive hands-on experience in the technology industry, has given us the capability to apply independent, practical thinking to complex business and technology issues – on both a strategic and tactical level.
Bython Media
Chris Leger,
Bython’s purpose is to provide demand generation solutions that foster meaningful connections, drive tangible results, and create a positive return as we strive to be “Always On” for its customers.
Christopher Kenessey,
AlertMedia is the world’s leading emergency communication provider. Its award-winning, two-way multichannel messaging system, threat intelligence, and 24/7 employee safety solutions help organizations protect their people and business through all phases of an emergency.
Martin Cloake,
Raven is a manufacturing technology leader that helps companies empower the frontline and improve operational performance with its automated contextualization and OEE software.
Madhu Gourineni,
Splan is a California based company, specializing in providing next generation cloud software access and check-in solutions for employees, contractors and visitors. Splan uniquely delivers an intelligent and fully automated solution for small to large enterprises.
Joe Altieri,
Inventor & CEO
FlexScreen began in 2013 when Inventor & CEO, Joe Altieri, took to his garage and created "the world's first and only flexible window screen." Designed to solve all of the problems with the frustrating, 100-year-old technology of old-style aluminum screens, FlexScreen was unlike anything the window industry had ever seen.
Andy Bonner,
President & CEO
Healthcare2U is a membership-based, hybrid direct primary care (DPC) organization that ensures employers of all sizes and structures have nationwide access to affordable, consistent and quality primary care over 40% below the average cost of traditional DPC practices operating in the market today.
ADVI Health
Marc Samuels,
President & CEO
ADVI is a commercial strategy and business development consulting firm that thrives on solving complicated problems in an evolving healthcare system. The company is a specialized team of operators, policymakers, and clinicians with extensive experience delivering pragmatic results-oriented approach.
Chargeback Gurus
Tim Tynan,
Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end consumer transaction dispute management to leading brands around the world. Its team of experts delivers comprehensive chargeback solutions that prevent and recover a high percentage of chargebacks while reducing the merchant’s exposure to fraud.
Fayez Mohamood,
Co-Founder & CEO
Bluecore is a retail marketing platform that enables marketers to turn data into revenue-generating campaigns, in minutes. With data built directly into campaign workflows alongside point-and-click predictive models, retail marketers can bypass manual processes to trigger any communication and automate the who, what, when, where of every email, mobile, site, and paid media message for each individual shopper.
Bhushan Bhuvanagiri,
Managing Director
iBovi Strategic Security focuses on Information Security engagements across North America focusing on engagements related to Penetration Testing, Managed Vulnerability Assessment, Managed SIEM deployment, Security Automation & Information Security Consulting. Most of its employees specialized in one or more to advance topics in Information Security such as Forensics, Cryptography, Encryption Algorithms, Data mining, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering etc.
Govind Rangasamy,
CEO & Founder
Appranix cloud application resilience makes your cloud applications significantly more reliable with an application environment level backup, cross-zone, cross-region, and cross-cloud disaster recovery solution.
Retail Consulting Partners
Ryan Grogman & John Eagles,
Managing Partners
Retail Consulting Partners is an independent and forward-thinking retail management consulting firm dedicated to providing innovative services and value to its clients. RCP offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help organizations solve the complex issues facing the retail industry today.
Vincent Bourzeix,
Founder & CEO
Superbolt has built the agency partner we always wanted as in-house marketers, but could never find. It is data-driven, digital natives, that drive growth across your marketing funnel, build brand equity with your audience, and give you crucial insight into your business.
Retief Gerber,
Spatialedge provides artificial intelligence (AI) products and services for consumer-facing businesses to empower them to make more timely, specific and profitable decisions. Its suite of technologies seamlessly integrate business intelligence, location intelligence, big data technologies and machine learning models into tailor-made decision solutions.
Incode Technologies
Ricardo Amper,
Founder & CEO
Incode is the leading provider of world-class identity solutions that is reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identities online to power a world of digital trust.
SpotOn Fence
Sung Vivathana,
Vice President
of Engineering
Say goodbye to wires and base stations! SpotOn reinvented dog containment so dogs and dog owners everywhere can enjoy wire-free, hassle-free, and worry-free fences. The company has replaced the hardware with True Location™ GPS technology to provide the most reliable wireless dog containment solution.
George Hagle,
Founder & President
Since its foundation, Qwikkit has quickly become a trusted name in the multi-family and hospitality industry. Qwikkit specializes in cabinet refacing for multi-family properties and hotels. It currently provides its solution to property managers, general contractors, and distributors.
LightBulb Networks LLC
Keenan Cline,
Founder & CTO
LightBulb Networks is well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. The company works with just about any technology that a small business would encounter. The team uses this expertise to help customers with small to mid-sized projects.
Global Expansion
James Peters,
Global Expansion delivers the world's leading international EoR solutions. Quickly and compliantly hire in 214 different countries and territories. All the benefits of a global talent pool without any of the hurdles.
Quartet Health
Christina Mainelli,
Quartet is a technology-enabled care delivery company that delivers speed to quality behavioral healthcare for all. Quartet’s technology and services identify people who need care, connect them to high quality care through networks of providers or Quartet’s medical group, and support their care journeys.
Deep 6 AI
Wout Brusselaers,
Founder & CEO
Deep 6 AI disrupts the clinical trial enrollment process by transforming the way researchers identify eligible patients. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mine structured and unstructured patient data, DEEP 6 AI finds more, better-matching patients for trials in minutes, not months.
Dan Munk,
Fencecore is a leading information technology managed services provider (MSP) headquartered in Montreal. Fencecore is committed to providing its clients with leading-edge cloud and hybrid setups with a heavy focus on cybersecurity and business continuity.
Snehal Antani,
Co-Founder & CEO's mission is to help you find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. NodeZero, its autonomous penetration testing solution, enables organizations to continuously assess the security posture of their enterprise, including external, identity, on-prem, IoT, and cloud attack surfaces.
Tyson Roberts,
Etumos enables marketers to focus on activities that create revenue by helping them build a thoughtful, data-informed framework to optimize and measure engagement throughout the customer journey.
Cyber Defense Group
Lou Rabon,
Founder & CEO
Cyber Defense Group provides complete, state-of-the-art, cybersecurity programs to B2B technology companies in healthcare, retail, finance, and media, who want definitive, Outcomes-Based Security® services that prioritize business objectives.
CANOPUS Networks

Vijay Sivaraman,
Director & CEO

Canopus Networks is a provider of AI-based Network Traffic Analytics software that gives Telecommunications Service Providers deep visibility into application usage and user experience over their fixed-line and 5G mobile networks.
Latent AI, Inc.
Jags Kandasamy,
Co-Founder & CEO
Latent AI believes in a vibrant and sustainable future driven by the power of AI and the promise of edge computing. Its mission is to deliver on the vast potential of edge AI with solutions that are efficient, practical, and useful.
Maxx Immersive
Richard Mauran,
Maxx Immersive was formed as a partnership between the Mauran Family Office and Maxx Technologies, Inc. The mandate for Maxx Immersive is to develop and patent full spectrum immersion technology, and then to add 3 dimensionality without glasses or gimmicks, and then to add interactivity
Hypersonix Inc.
Prem Kiran,
Founder & CEO is the first and leading AI system purpose-built for ecommerce businesses to solely help in driving profitable growth. It provides end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics that analyze every ecommerce signal from sales, to shipping, to competition, consumer behavior, and demand forecasts.
CLARA Analytics
Heather Wilson,
CLARA Analytics improves claims outcomes in commercial insurance with easy-to-use machine learning-based products. The company’s product suite applies image recognition, natural language processing, and other AI-based techniques to unlock insights from medical notes, bills and other documents surrounding a claim.
Altinity, Inc.
Robert Hodges,
Run ClickHouse anywhere in minutes with Altinity’s products and services: You control the environment, cost, data ownership, security, and integrations. We support you in deploying real-time analytics every step of the way.
Anwar Ghauche,
Founder & CEO
As a SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for construction, Constrafor is setting new standards of productivity and cost-efficiency for the way GCs and subcontractors manage essential back-office tasks and financial transactions.
Further Advisory
Jeff Catalina,
CEO & Founder
Further Advisory is a boutique management consultancy of highly experienced professionals focused on converting strategic vision into business reality. The firm goes beyond simply delivering outstanding work – the team considers what happens after the engagement ends, ensuring that its clients are in a better place and ready to continue their growth journey.