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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

All businesses start their journey with long-term goals and strategies, but many don’t survive for long. This can be blamed on mismanagement of operations and lack of smart thinking. Most businesses crash because they cannot survive change. However, there are many ways to make all your future businesses future-proof. To survive, you need to revamp what is already out there, and also need to outsmart your competitors. Smart thinking gives you a competitive edge that beats large pools competition.

Company Management Description
Allan Eesmaa,
Synctuition is a digital sound solution technology which relaxes the brain and stimulates intuition. Through a groundbreaking and totally unique combination of 3D soundscapes, gamma waves, binaural beats and personalised sound journeys, users are guided into deep relaxation and meditative states.
DATA Communications Management
Richard Kellam,
President & CEO
DCM is a marketing and business communications partner that helps companies simplify the complex ways they communicate and operate, so they can accomplish more with fewer steps and less effort.
Simon Cooper,
Interactyx (Topyx)is a global learning management software company providing engaging and interactive learning experiences to learners, businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations of any size, anywhere in the world.
Sue Phillips,
Scenterprises originally began as a global consulting company, specializing in product development, marketing, branding, and creating strategic alliances between fashion and beauty brands. Subsequently, Sue Phillips, the CEO of Scenterprises, innovated and developed unique personalized products to provide clients with knowledge about their personal relationship to fragrance and to open their eyes to the intriguing mysteries about the fragrance world.
David Kessler,
Founder & CEO
Starfish is an independent branding agency in NYC with a non-traditional perspective. The company provides all of the services that marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and branding agencies deliver under one roof – without silos or handoffs.
Acare Technology
Linda Cheng,
Acare Technology is an ISO13485 & GMP certified company with well quality control system in Taiwan. Each unit of its products has been conducted the strictest quality inspection before shipment. The company is specialized in respiratory related product from diagnostic to oxygen therapy equipment to provide you comprehensive and reliable purchase.
4i Apps Solutions
4i is a technology consulting firm helping customers interested in protecting their IT investments and help them achieve promised benefits. The company excels in Consultancy, Implementation, Upgradation, Customization and Support services.
IMAGO Technologies
Ethan Tan,
IMAGO was founded in the United States in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who are passionate about smart education and team collaboration technologies. IMAGO is established around the world with manufacturing plant in Malaysia, Research & Development in Europe, and presence in Asia Paciļ¬c countries.
Travis Lenander,
CEO is a Florida based business that designs and manufactures scientific devices for gas detection and monitoring. The company's main customer segments include HVAC, Scientific & Medical - including labs and universities, Indoor Agriculture, and Beverage & Fermentation.
Marc Ferrie,
Founder & CEO
RightITnow delivers real-time, cross-domain event correlation software that enables enterprises to optimize IT Operations processes so they can drive down costs, resolve problems faster and assure end user services.
Eric Bourget,
Finding an effective product design and development partner is crucial to shared success when launching your SaaS company. HalfSerious has been helping business leaders achieve a speed to market with product design, development, and ongoing monitoring solutions.
William Grambley,
AllazoHealth is an award-winning healthcare technology company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to increase medication adherence and optimize patient outcomes.
Sunflower Lab
Ronak Patel,
CEO & Co-Founder
Sunflower Lab is an award-winning software development company with a long-standing history of solving our client’s toughest technology problems.
Pride EV
Javed Nadeem,
VP of EV Infrastructure
Pride EV's mission is to protect future generations by reducing the environmental impact of the transportation industry. Offering world-class electric medium-to-heavy vehicles, the company runs a turnkey operation that eases the process of assembling your sustainable fleet.
Sourced Group
Jonathan Spinks,
Founder & CEO
Sourced is an award-winning global consulting firm that helps organisations make the most of cloud computing with a focus on security, governance, and compliance. With nearly a decade of experience and offices in Australia, Canada, and Singapore, Sourced provides professional services that secure, migrate, and manage hyper-scale cloud infrastructure for enterprise clients.
Visier Inc.
Ryan Wong,
CEO & Co-founder
Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business. Founded in 2010 by the pioneers of business intelligence, Visier focuses on what matters to business leaders: revealing the fundamental questions and actionable truths capable of elevating your employees - and your business - to new heights.
CONTUS started providing digital transformation solutions and services since 2008, even before the actual digital transformation era came to existence. The company is consciously driven towards the future of digital tech, rather than focusing on the current trends or legacy techs.
Alan Snook,
Co-founder & President
GRID20/20 is built upon four pillars of excellence: Honesty, Integrity, Responsiveness and Respect. By applying these principles to its business relationships, combined with its Best-In-Class solution, the company is assisting electric utility operators worldwide in advancing their quest for superior distribution grid management.
The Agency
Mauricio Umansky,
Co-Founder & CEO
The Agency is a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including residential, new development, resort real estate, residential leasing and luxury vacation rentals.
Light Line Medical
Vicki Farrar,
Light Line Medical, Inc.’s patented visible-light platform technology is an infection prevention game-changer, destined to create a massive global shift in how the world prevents and treats healthcare-associated infections.
Mark A. Deddens,
Founder & CEO
iStorm Group is dedicated to assisting multi-family property Owners with resolving claims quickly, accurately and equitably. iStorm has extensive experience in large loss consulting, estimating, construction consulting and project monitoring / Quality Assurance services across the U.S.
Oleksa Stelmakh,
Founder & CEO
Leobit is a full cycle web and mobile application development provider for the technology companies and startups primarily located in the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and the UK. Its technology focus covers .NET, Angular, iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, React, and a comprehensive range of other technologies from the Microsoft, Web, and Mobile Stacks.
Social Beat
Suneil Chawla,
Vikas Chawla,
Social Beat is a digital growth partner for leading brands and hyper scaling startups in India. With a 300+ strong team of digital experts, the company is India's fastest-growing independent digital marketing solutions company.
Mullen Automotive
David Michery,
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Mullen is a Southern California based company that owns and partners with several synergistic businesses, all working towards the same goal of creating clean and scalable electric vehicles and energy solutions.
Dean Grey,
Restoring Power & Choice To Communities - SKYLAB is a groundbreaking tech ecosystem that puts rich, fully customizable and multi-functional community-driven social apps into the hands of groups, associations, influencers or businesses with a speed to market impossible with custom builds.
MCNB Holding Corp
Katarina Maloney,
MCNB Holding Corporation is a Biotechnology Company with a focus in hemp, Cannabidiol (CBD), biotechnology, and clinical trials using cannabis and Psilocybin. The first of the two main focuses include manufacturing, distributing, and selling hemp-derived CBD consumer products and organic Made-in-Italy topicals., LLC
Chris Dreyer,
CEO & Founder
Founded in 2013, was purpose-built with one goal in mind: delivering exceptional results for attorneys without compromising on customer service.
Sam Gutmann,
With comprehensive backup, visual compare, and fast recovery capabilities, OwnBackup has helped hundreds of organizations through data loss and corruption crises. Its solution also provides enterprises with the performance and reporting required to meet compliance regulations in a number of industries.
Iddo Gino,
RapidAPI was made by developers for developers so they could have one place to access APIs and Microservices and build applications more efficiently and easily. Today, RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Hub where almost 3 million developers can find, test, and connect to tens of thousands of APIs — all with a single account, single API key, and single SDK.
Joshua Bao,
SUNRATE is committed to empowering the digitalisation of global payments and supporting business clients with highly flexible treasury solutions. By using its services, clients can then focus in their core business development and open up a world of possibilities.
Propulsion Quebec
Sarah Houde,
In 2024, Propulsion Québec will be one of the North American leaders in electric and smart transportation, and will have recognized these modes of transportation as a first-choice solution to current mobility and environmental issues.
Thejo Kote,
Founder & CEO
Airbase is the only true comprehensive spend management platform available to small, midsize, and early enterprise companies. It brings three products into one system: all-inclusive accounts payable automation, software-enabled corporate cards, and simplified employee expense reimbursements.
Coherent Educational Solutions
Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau, EdD
Founder & CEO
Coherent Educational Solutions is one such leader in the educational consulting arena. The company offers diverse products and services to support the learning community. Its collaborative teams are led by former school administrators and experienced instructional specialists.
Codeit Institute of Technology
Da’shone Hughey,
Founder & CEO
CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) has the distinction of being the first and only Nationally Recognized U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program in the state of New Jersey Specializing in Software Engineering and only one (1) of two (2) entities in the state of New Jersey to be designated an AWS Amazon Academy Institution. In addition, CIT is a Grow with Google Partner.
iMagnum Healthcare
Prakash Jayaramaraju,
iMagnum Healthcare Solution is a healthcare management company based out of Baltimore, MD,. with experience of more than fifteen years in end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle management leveraging technology and new-age process to accelerate the cash flow & specialized in Physicians Billing, DME Billing Services, Healthcare IT, and Enterprise IT & Analytics.
RedSky Engineering
McKay Christensen,
RedSky Engineering specializes in solving complex technology problems that standard development firms struggle with. The team does not build WordPress sites but instead create one-of-a-kind web and mobile applications that meet your specifications.
Paolo Tubertini,
Olon Group is a global leader in the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for CDMO and Generics. It provides an integrated package of chemical synthesis and biological processing services which clients can use to manage their drug manufacturing projects while staying compliant with regulations.
Nick Bonfiglio,
CEO & Co-Founder
By combining its unique Operational Data Hub with truly stateful multidirectional synchronization, Syncari has created a complete platform for moving your integrated, yet still siloed, revenue applications into an operating system for your business, from leads to billings.
Hayden AI
Chris Carson,
Founder & CEO
Hayden AI is pioneering smart traffic enforcement with its mobile platform to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of municipal fleet vehicles. Its platform allows government agencies to enforce traffic laws, while harnessing AIoT data to gain actionable insights that help enhance the quality of life of their communities.
Lexis Serot,
Founder & CEO
LittleWins is a community dedicated to connecting families looking to repurpose durable medical equipment, whether buying, selling, or donating.
Evan Kirkham,
Co-Founder & CEO
Colorcast knows a thing or two about fan engagement. In late 2020, the company launched a Social Sports Talk app that allows anyone, anywhere, with no equipment, to commentate on live sporting events. For the first time in sports history, fans get to choose the commentator they want to listen to.
Simon Data
Jason Davis,
CEO & Co-Founder

Simon enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Leverage all of your data with Simon Data’s customer data platform at enterprise-scale so you can create powerful personalized experiences effortlessly.

Vujà Dé Digital
Todd Juneau,
Co-Founder and CEO
Vujà Dé Digital is a San Diego based digital consulting firm that is focused on a disruptive and new business model for providing performance-based digital media and analytics. The firm is ridiculously passionate and competitive founders about doing the right thing and producing the best outcomes.
Christian Vierling,
Co-Founder & COO
Digip is a legal tech company with the objective to provide an end-to-end digital solution for brand protection. The company provides tailored solutions combining using digital technology to create the best possible experience for its clients.
AP Merin Services Sdn Bhd
Ts Surendaran,
Managing Director
AP Merin Services is specialized in providing services to the commercial shipping sector, oil & gas support vessels, and rigs. The company offers a comprehensive suite of ship management solutions. It has the know-how, experience, and network to ensure the success of shipping management.
Cosmic Wire
Jerad Finck,
Founder & CEO
Cosmic Wire is a development house and omnichannel IP monetization engine specializing in creating experiential NFTs, traditional licensing, and derivatives of iconic IP and art.
Heim Global Consulting
Meg Heim,
Founder & President
As a team of Strategists, Scientists, Advocates and Business Executives, Heim Global Consulting thrives on sharing its experience and knowledge to help make your business successful while accelerating your product delivery.
Becky Warnes Consultancy
Becky Warnes,
Becky Warnes Consultancy is the place where you can meet an innovative digital health consultant with a collaborative approach to lead your business to higher performance, better patient outcomes, and more revenue.
Chetan Parikh,
Healthcare broadly and significantly impacts every single person on Earth. RAAPID.AI believes that it can make it better. The company’s goal is to consistently deliver solutions that allow healthcare organizations to meet the demands of the radically changing Risk adjustment landscape.
Greg Baker,
Co-founder & CEO
EmsanaRx is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing integrity, clarity and trust to pharmacy benefit management. As the only pharmacy benefit manager created by employers, for employers we are committed to making pharmacy benefits easy to understand, straightforward to access and always in the best interest of employers and the employee lives they impact.